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Why Go To Belek On A Golfing Holiday?

Is golf a sport that is popular in Turkey? It’s not! However, a golf vacation in Turkey is a top choice among the golfers of Europe and, more recently, Asia. It’s due to the fact that the Turkish government has been clever in coming up with a tourism strategy and the appropriate destination. Belek located near Antalya, is a city that’s close to Antalya is situated in the Mediterranean and has a temperatures that are in line with. These conditions are for the development of golf infrastructure. This is why, out among the golf facilities found in Turkey there are 16 situated in Belek which attracts golfers from all over the globe.

Golf Courses For All

There’s plenty to choose among the courses within the region, but the trees provide an average setting. A Turkish Pine tree is a frequent feature on the golf courses, and even though designers have worked out various courses. Golfers have the option of choosing from courses that offer a variety of challenges and a level of difficulty. To pick the best course for your only golfing holiday you can take in Turkey the choices is able to be narrowed down. There is the sir Nick Faldo designed Cornelia Golf Club and the Montgomerie constructed Maxx Royale Golf Club and the Peter Thomson designed Carya Golf Club are all fantastic. If you do not take the longer route to reach Lykia Links it is a fantastic experience by itself. If you are able to play all four golf courses on your Turkey golfing holiday, then you’re in the right place. They are without doubt the top golfing courses available in Turkey.

Be careful with the Spirit

However, it’s not just these golf clubs that are located in Turkey which make golf trip in Turkey worth it. It’s the Belek Golf Courses are part of luxurious resorts, a majority of them with a beach as well as luxurious facilities. While nothing beats the time you can spend on these courses of golf however, there’s a lot more to come. To begin, many of these packages for holidays include all inclusive deals. That means, in addition to the accommodation in the hotel, all meals and drinks (including the best spirit) will be included. All day long with a drink at minimum and, if one can be certain that the bars will have the option of closing at a certain time. There’s nothing luxurious in the hotel rooms, also. A golf vacation in Turkey and staying in any of the Belek resorts, offers the highest price in the world.

Oh it’s you’re in the Mediterranean Climate!

The Mediterranean climate is a major factor in the popularity of Belek as a golf destination. The winters are very mild which makes it perfect for golf. There is nothing better than a sunny afternoon at the beach , and then playing golf in beautiful locations. The best times to take golf vacation in Turkey however, is between March and May, and September through November. The months of July and August should be avoided since the heat can be very hot.

There is the Sightseeing along with the Scrub

There’s plenty of things to do beyond the golf courses of Belek, Turkey. There are plenty of bars and restaurants within the area to visit. For historic places, make sure to visit the impressive “Aspendos” amphitheatre where there are still evening shows. Another place of Greek remains that shouldn’t be overlooked is Perge. Both of these sites are accessible as part of a one-day tour departing from Belek. A short distance away can be found Antalya City, which is famous for its stunning old town and harbor-facing cliffside restaurants. In all of this is a relaxing scrub at the “Hamam” is exactly the thing you’ll need after a round of golf. The all-inclusive golf vacation in Turkey seems to not limit you to anything.

Luxury Golf

Going on Belek golf holidays means you can stay in the most luxurious all-inclusive resorts, and each course is linked to the hotel. The accommodations in Belek are excellent with each hotel striving with the best in service. The standard at each hotel is simply astonishing, because they all provide impeccable hospitality and an all-inclusive 5 star accommodation for guests to relax after a day of golf. The resorts in Belek is sure to appeal to travelers seeking a luxurious Turskish golf vacation. The great aspect about these hotels that are Vegas-style is that you’ll enjoy top service at a price which is also possible with the 5-star packages, making Belek golf vacations even more appealing.