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Why choose San Antonio boat parties?

Ibiza is a destination for parties like none other. And one of the most talked about aspects of it is our vast selection of boat-based parties.

Certain boat parties can be located on numerous islands and coastal areas all over the world it is possible to claim. True. However, no other city has Ibiza’s Mediterranean sea, a thriving youthful crowd, or a plethora of DJs with international renown available as Ibiza is.

The waters surrounding Ibiza are not just some of the most attractive in Europe We also believe they can give the waters of more exotic locales a run at it.

Boat parties give you the opportunity to enjoy this while enjoying a party and living the best life you can which is an unbeatable double-whammy.

Why should you choose boat parties?

Ibiza’s climate allows for parties during the day and, with the sea right on our doorstep boat parties are an improved version of the same that make use of the island’s inherent characteristics.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling on your own or with an extended group of buddies Boat parties are the perfect way to get to know other individuals of the same age and style. No one is planning an event on the water to gain a bit of Zzzzzzz in, but certain parties are more relaxed than others.

Why should you not go? We’re not joking in this article, singles or not boats are the perfect location to have a good time flirting! The other passengers are likely have a laid-back good mood and ready to having a blast. The drinks will flow and the conversation will be lively.

Everyone in their latest bikini or designer swimsuits and flaunting their tan… Well do we need to say more? There’s usually more naked flesh than we can tell which direction to go.

And for those who are married and fortunate enough to have a vacation with your loved one There’s at the very least one boat with a romantic twist. There’s more to come on that later.

It’s also a great method to get a glimpse of the island you would not. While we are awestruck by San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa There’s many more things that Ibiza can offer.

Her beautiful coastline and crystal clear, warm waters beg to be discovered and taken in. Yes there will be swim stops. Therefore, get in the water to benefit from the revitalizing effects of the ocean. We’re big fans of its healing properties.

In addition the feeling of liberation you experience when you dance on deck under the sun is incomparable. It’s an extremely uplifting experience. After you’ve tried it, you’ll be able to understand what we’re talking about.

What are they and how do they work?

Boat party operators travel at different times throughout the week. For each the participants meet at the designated location usually in a restaurant or bar about an hour prior to departing.

There you will meet the other passengers on board, collect your wristband, and receive any additional details specific to the boat you are on with your group.

This is the perfect opportunity to pour a few inexpensive drinks and get yourself into the mood of a party. Sometimes , drinks are included in the price which means you can be tempted to take advantage, however, you must be aware of your limitations. Boat parties are great fun however, not for those who are feeling uncomfortable.

After everyone has signed-in The organisers then guide the entire group to the boarding area which is usually just a few steps away. It is essential to follow the instructions and don’t proceed directly to the boat on your own volition. This could result in a delay to the booking you made and you might not be permitted to board.

Once your adventure is complete the boat will return to the same spot to disembark. From here, many boat parties provide upgrades to continue the party at one of the bars.

It is important to are aware of when and where you must be at for the next stage. This could take place at the bus stop , or at the venue itself, but is most likely to be time-sensitive.

San Antonio boat parties

Starting from the west end of the island, all San Antonio boat party events have one thing in common: sunsets.

We’re certain you’ve seen many stories about Ibiza’s famed sunsets. Boat parties are among the most enjoyable ways to experience this natural beauty. After a night of dancing to your heart’s content at the end of the night, the last rays of the sun acquires an even deeper meaning.

You definitely get a sense of main-character-syndrome as you watch the sun disappear below the horizon line, with your arms around the shoulders of friends old and new. Absolutely beautiful. It’ll be as if it was wrapped specially to you.

Similar to the events in the club, every boat party comes with distinct traits – some subtle some large.

Pukka Up

Since it has been in existence for since the beginning of time and hosts boat events all over the world including those in the UK, Pukka Up might be the most well-known. The fun-filled, three-weekly sailings are free admission at O Beach the day after it, and also the option of adding the club on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

In essence, you can get plenty of value for money making it one of the most value days on Ibiza.

You Can Float Your Boat

Ibiza particularly the sunset spots along the west coast, aren’t only about 130 beats per minute, fist-pumping club music. It’s also the home with Balearic beat and Chill Out music. Electronic music that is a bit more slow and maybe even orchestral. It’s music that your mother might enjoy, perfect for peaceful contemplation. More subtle, less obvious.

Float Your Boat (FYB) is a tune that taps into the ambiance. Its brisk, sultry soundtrack begins slow and reflective, but slowly increases the speed. As soon as the sun is gone and the mood has changed and it’s time to get your dancing feet as the dusk begins to set.

It’s Ibiza in the simplest terms. The sun is calm and peaceful and energized after dark.

Lost In Ibiza

Are you a true lover of the dance music you listen to? Do you think you have a real taste in underground music? Then Lost in Ibiza is the perfect event for you. Lost in Ibiza is very well-known because it’s one of the only boat parties that be sure that DJs from big names will be playing.

Past guests include Alan Fitzpatrick, Richy Ahmed and Max Chapman to give you an idea of the quality of DJs to expect.

And we can claim it’s a double-decked 200-person catamaran fitted out with the Funktion One sound system.

Playa d’en Bossa boat parties

Okay Boat events from Playa d’en Bossa on the east coast of the island might not enjoy the same uninterrupted sunset view as the San Antonio counterparts. However, a lot of them return to their ports around sunset, and there is the sense of the sun turning into darkness.

The thing they have but is their unique USPs that make them attractive candidates.

Similar to the sister island Formentera. If Formentera hasn’t been on your radar It should be. A little less famous and less commercial however, what it lacks in fame, it compensates for with stunning beauty.

A seasoned boat party host Cirque de la Nuit has two brand new experiences to offer. Ibiza Boat Club “Formentera with Benefits” is one of them.

Ibiza Boat Club “Formentera with Benefits”

Did we mention earlier that we would like to see romantic and leisurely sailings? the Ibiza Yacht Club’s Formentera all-dayer was on our minds. In all senses it’s an ocean-side beach club. It’s big with comfortable recliners, excellent service as well as high-quality food and drinks.

We’re not at the most exciting part yet! This eight and a quarter hour sail takes you to some of the most beautiful places in between Ibiza and Formentera Simply Google “Espalmador” as well as “Ses Illetes” and you’ll be able to see what we are referring to. Instagram-able boat, Instagram-able beaches, Instagram-able people.

It’s not a celebration boat. So don’t anticipate dancing to the beat. Consider more laid-back beats. There are a variety of drinks available and the food, really, delicious.

Ibiza Boat Club “Brunch on the Boat”

Its other offer can be found at Ibiza Boat Club “Brunch on the Boat”.

A lot more energetic than first, Brunch at the Boat uses an onboard sound system called VOID. If you’re not aware of what that means, it basically that it’s extremely clear and loud and exactly what you’d expect from the party boat.

While the boat is outfitted with the same high-end specifications like the Formentera trip it is an adrenaline-filled cruise that packs the entire experience into just three hours. In addition to the energetic dance music, there’s enjoyable water activities, as well as delicious food and drinks that are unlimited.

The Only Ibiza Boat Party

It’s only Ibiza Boat Party is the third and final choice of Playa d’en Bossa, but which one is it. How is this going to sound? an original …?

You’ve heard all about boat parties But have you heard of foam party? Combine the two to see what you get? The answer is the foam party is held on a boat! Revolutionary.

With dancers on the podium, free flowing drinks as well as refreshing fruit platters freshly prepared paella, and finally the foam cannons that soak This is a boat party that goes over and over. We said Ibiza’s party is at a different level from their own Didn’t we? Are you convinced?


Things you’ll want to remember to bring along:

sun cream – you’ll never be spared from the sun’s rays and you’re not as smart as you think by not applying lotion.
A change of clothes is essential – nobody would want to walk around with wet underwear
Travel tablets are not required, but could be helpful for anyone who has an past history or a history of motion sickness. You can purchase them at pharmacies across the island.