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Which broadband works best for you?

Making a commitment to a brand new broadband deal is a significant commitment, with contracts that run for as long as two years. You don’t want to be locked into a poor deal, that’s why finding the right service is important.

If you aren’t satisfied with the service you’ve received there are certain rights to end the service. However, this could mean massive cost for cancellation, which is why it’s important to select carefully before you sign up.

Perhaps you’re regretting not having TV in the latest bundle or wish that you had chosen fiber optic broadband instead, here’s how to select the right broadband service for you.

Important points

You must ensure that the broadband service you choose matches your needs
Compare broadband packages to choose the best provider for you
Make sure that the broadband deal is accessible, fast and secure as well as offering adequate download limits, especially for those who stream a lot or play online games
You should consider whether a bundle deal on broadband is the best option for you however, don’t let it restrict your choices.

Which internet is most suitable for you?

Every person uses broadband in a different way; some prefer basic services some want all the features.

The most important thing is to select the correct broadband for your everyday needs as well as your particular circumstances. For instance:

Are you on benefits or universal credit? If yes, you’ll want ensure that you keep broadband costs minimal as well as only paying for the speed or services you really need. There are also Social Tariffs for those with UC as well as other benefits.

Take in a lot of television? Are you a film buff? Compare the TV options that are available next to your broadband for the ultimate entertainment experience.

If you run your own business from home think about a business broadband deal. This could include fixed or static IPs as well as webspace and email addresses with the name of your company and high-end security to protect sensitive data.

Perhaps you’re a student searching for a time-specific package. The positive side is that there’s an abundance of student broadband options dependent on your personal situation and study schedule.

For older people and users who use more broadband services than cell phones, it could be worth examining certain home phone deals from different providers and then deciding which one ones best suit your requirements.

Or, you might belong to a busy family, and you need the highest speed of broadband feasible to keep everyone satisfied.

Whatever your broadband requirements switching providers may give you more choices than you thought.

How do you select the best broadband provider

In the UK there are plenty of broadband providers. Examples include:

Virgin Media
Sky Broadband

This list is by no means complete, and you might choose a different provider right for you.

It’s important to know what you want from the next provider of broadband prior to time. It will help you avoid a lot of headaches when comparing offers and narrowing the options.

What should you look for when you are deciding on the best broadband deal

Broadband isn’t an all-inclusive solution.

Remember these points when choosing an internet service provider:


If you are looking for a basic internet connection you can simply look up broadband providers in your region and opt to the lowest-cost option.

Ask yourself a few questions : are you likely to move home before the end of your contract? Do you need a faster connection? Are you in an area with a lot of rurality where ADSL broadband might be slow enough to be effective?

If you answer yes to any of these questions could cause you to regret taking out the broadband contract solely on price.


While price is a good place to start but it’s not the only thing and end-all of choosing the right broadband provider. Many of us go beyond the basics of surfing and require speeds that are able to handle gaming, movie nights as well as Netflix binging.

A broadband speed tester will give you an idea of what kind of download speed you’re currently receiving. It will also allow you to determine whether your current broadband is sufficient, or if fiber would be more beneficial.

If you live in a rural region where it’s hard to keep an unreliable hard-wired internet connection and you’re in need of a satellite connection, take a look at satellite broadband in order to achieve good speeds.

Keep in mind that contracts can appear long and lonely when you’re trapped by a poor connection, so ensure you’re aware of the rules prior to signing anything.

Contract length

Since May 2011, Ofcom has banned broadband providers from tying customers to contracts that last longer than the period of 24 months. But, two years is a significant length of time.

If you’re unsure of your situation will be in the next year or two, a two-year broadband contract might not be the best choice for you, since you don’t need to be paying cancellation fees.

While most contracts are between 12 and 18 months, there are also short-term or even non-contract options to be more suitable for your needs.

Limits on downloads

Broadband contracts that do not have a download limit are becoming increasingly widespread, however, you could have to settle for cheaper options that limit the amount you are able to download.

If you opt for an unlimited broadband package, make sure you don’t exceed the fair usage limit. Otherwise, it will work out to be more costly. If you do make use of your broadband to stream TV, your allowance will decrease faster.


The internet speed available to you will be determined to a certain extent by where you live.

Check your local area before committing to any new broadband deal, otherwise you could end up paying for a contract that’s not suitable for your needs.

Different broadband providers are available in different areas. For example, you might not get broadband through cable providers like Virgin Media if you’re in the countryside.

Other providers, like Plusnet are able to supply some areas of the country more affordably than others, and you might get better deals from different providers in various areas.


Given how easy it is for virus to infect computers open access to suspicious websites, opening email attachments and downloading files, security on the internet should be top priority.

Protect your computer and data from these kinds of attacks by choosing the most reliable broadband service. Fortunately, with wireless routers and security suites, they are available with the majority of broadband services today.

Look into bundle broadband offers

If you are a fan of lots of TV and movies, you may want to consider a bundle offer that includes both your TV and broadband from the same provider.

Bundle deals could prove as a great price for certain however, make sure that you’re getting the best choice for you prior to making your choice of provider on one of these offers.

Do you require those additional channels? It could be that a stand-alone broadband deal is more suitable for you in longer term.