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Understanding Managed SOC Services: How They Work and What They Offer

An essential aspect of a business’s cybersecurity is gaining visibility of the various components of their networks and the different attack techniques cybercriminals might be able to exploit to gain access their systems. A properly managed SOC can assist in achieving this transparency across your company.

What Is A Managed SOC?

A security operations centre (SOC) can be described as a centralised area for monitoring and managing the security of an organization. It was previously a physical location, like an area for CCTV on premises, but today it’s increasingly likely that it is in the cloud.

The mission that the SOC group is to employ a combination of technical solutions as well as a comprehensive system of procedures to identify as well as evaluate and respond to cybersecurity-related issues in real time. If an SOC is functioning as planned it will address security issues immediately after they are discovered.

What Do SOCs Do?

Security operations centers analyze and monitor your servers, network web servers, endpoints and websites cloud services, and applications for any unusual activity that may signal a cyberattack or a data breach.

In the event that an incident involving cybersecurity takes place on your network Our team will begin an immediate incident response to:

Assess the threat, and identify any potential damage caused.
Stop the threat by shutting down the systems or cutting them off from the network
Repair the damage done to your systems
Close the vulnerability which was the cause of the breach
Recover your affected systems and bring them back online in a sequence until your network is operating at 100% efficiency again
Assess the alert and make changes to your security measures to prevent further incidents occurring.

The Reasons Your Business Should Have A Security Operations Centre

Monitoring and analysis of activity is a vital to ensuring a secure network. SOC teams are vital to providing rapid detection and the ability to respond quickly to threats. The monitoring of SOC teams gives businesses the advantage of defending themselves against threats and attacks 24/7.

A Managed SOC Is More proactive

Managed SOCs do much more than just detecting issues. A managed SOC conducts threat hunting and analysis in order to stop attacks on data and cyber-attacks from taking place in the first in the first. By offering better visibility and control over security systems managed SOC teams allow your company to stay ahead of cyber attacks. An managed SOC service provider such as us, liaises with our wider cyber defense team as well as your internal team to address security threats swiftly and effectively. By taking proactive steps to protect your network, lots of damage in the future and downtime could be avoided.

Access To A Whole Group Of Experts

When you use a managed SOC it gives you access to a full team of IT experts who possess a broad collection of capabilities. This is much more affordable than hiring each of those experts in house. Each one of them has a unique set of talents that, when coupled with the talents of the other SOC members, offers you the most current knowledge.

A Managed SOC Will Only send you the alerts you Need To See

If you own your own SOC then you’ll likely be dealing with many alerts a day from the different monitoring systems in place. Many of them won’t be a cause for concern and do not require action. But, it is difficult to be sure which ones are legitimate, critical threats, especially if you do not have sufficient IT experience. It is possible that companies either ignore all security alerts (which does away with the reason for creating an SOC initially in the first initial place) or being overwhelmed by every single alert (which costs time and money). A managed SOC with a service like us enables our team to assess each security alert as it is triggered and only call you when your input is was required. The majority of the alerts will be non-critical and those that pose real threats will usually be dealt with by our team with no need to get involved.

Time and Budget well spent

A monthly subscription for a managed SOC is usually more affordable than attempting to build your own security operation center from scratch. There’s no set-up cost and you can increase your security immediately without spending time and money in hiring and developing new cybersecurity team members.

Need help setting up an SOC for Your Firm?

We hope this was helpful in explaining the definition of a security operation centre (SOC) is, as well as the advantages of having your SOC professionally overseen. If you’d like assistance building or managing an operations centre for your business, speak with our team now.