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Reasons To Use An SMS Gateway

Modern companies are facing an uphill climb to success and therefore require every tool and strategy that is at their available in order to climb simpler and efficient. One of the most important areas in which these strategies should be utilized is in their marketing. This calls for them to be competitive and strategic in order to defeat their rivals.

One of the tools that could make a difference in the field of marketing can be the SMS gateway. Although messages via SMS have been in use since the beginning of time and has there are many who still prefer the medium of SMS over other methods of communication however, companies should not ignore the possibility of using it as a primary marketing tool. It is among of the most efficient forms of mobile marketing currently. In this article, we will discuss why businesses should integrate an SMS gateway to their customer communications platform.

1. The highest level of reliability

Being a mature technology that has been around and continually developed for over twenty-five years, text messaging has high reliability and security and makes it a great platform for marketing through digital media. There are hardly any issues with non-deliverable or spam messages and companies can be at ease knowing that their customers will get every communication they make. Additionally the control feature offered via an SMS gateway is a simple way to monitor all aspects of SMS campaigns.

2. Cost effective

In the present, mobile advertisements is able to consume approximately 75% to 75% of budget for digital ads. It is usually used to fund fancy marketing strategies and tools that produce inconsistent results. However the SMS marketing method is among the most efficient forms of marketing. It is accentuated due to its 91% open rates, with messages being read within three minutes, which results in immediate ROI for companies.

3. Swift delivery

Another important element to consider when it comes to sending messages is getting the messages to clients as swiftly as you can. For example, the fact that a promotion is time-bound or an offer , businesses naturally would like their customers to be aware about it and respond immediately. If these promotions are only offered for a brief period to trigger that feeling of urgency, such as flash sales, tardy notification can be detrimental to the company. An SMS gateway stops this by providing a specialized channel for the targeted market that is specifically designed to deliver the most rapid possible speed, making sure that the messages will be delivered quickly when they are delivered.

4. Highly accessible

SMS messaging is an all-inclusive platform that is accessible to anyone who own a mobile phone regardless of whether it’s an older model that works with current mobile network technology, or the most modern phones on the market. That means that over 90% of users have access to SMS. This is in contrast to popular messaging apps which may be restricted in specific areas or are simply not available because of the limitations in technology of the devices.


With the help of an SMS gateway solution, companies are able to benefit from the most reliable, efficient and available digital platform for marketing available to today. From better monitoring and visibility, to more flexibility, as well as other advantages to business, it’s no surprise that nearly every industry utilizes an SMS gateway to manage their business.