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How to Set Up Your Own 7 Days To Die Server

In the post-apocalyptic open-world survival game 7 Days to Die, players must gather supplies, construct shelter, and make weapons to protect themselves from the undead. Although there is a single-player option for the game, most gamers would rather play on servers with other players.

Compared to single-player gameplay, 7 Days to Die servers provide a number of advantages, such as:

Enhanced difficulty: Compared to single-player mode, servers frequently provide more tough settings, which increases the game’s difficulty and rewards.

Additional content: A lot of servers include unique maps, modifications, and other items not found in the original game.

Social interaction: Players can communicate, exchange resources, and form alliances in order to live thanks to servers.

How to Select a Server for Seven Days to Die

There are a few things to think about while selecting a 7 Days to Die server:

The time it takes for data to move from your computer to the server is measured in pings. The game will be less jerky and more responsive with a lower ping.

PvE and PvP are the two server types available on 7 Days to Die. Player-versus-environment (PvE) servers pit gamers against the undead and require cooperation to live. Player-versus-player (PvP) servers allow users to form factions or engage in competitive gaming.

Rules for the server: Each server has a unique set of rules. Make sure the server rules fit your playstyle by reading them through before you join.

The number of players who are presently playing on the server is known as the server population. There will be more gamers to communicate and trade with if the population grows. It also implies that the server can be less understanding and more competitive.

How to Become a Server for 7 Days to Die

After selecting a 7 Days to Die server, you can join it by doing the following:

Begin “Seven Days to Die.”

Select “Play Online” from the menu.

Enter the hostname or IP address of the server you wish to connect in the server browser.

Select the “Join” option.

7 Days to Die: Server Instructions

The 7 Days to Die servers offer a number of commands that players can use to carry out tasks or obtain information, as well as administrators using to manage the server.

Here are a few typical server commands:

kick: Removes the designated player from the server.

ban : Removes the designated player’s connection to the server.

say : Notifies every player on the server of a message.

The tp command carries the player to your current location.

give : Provides the item in the quantity you have requested.

Mods for 7 Days to Die Servers

Custom changes to the game, known as 7 Days to Die mods, can alter gameplay elements, provide new content, and resolve bugs.

Many other 7 Days to Die mods are available, such as those that:

Include new armour, vehicles, and weaponry.

Include new biomes and maps.

Modify the behaviour and difficulty of zombies.

Include fresh features and crafting recipes.

Resolve issues and enhance functionality.

Server Administration: 7 Days to Die

The following steps must be taken if you want to manage your own 7 Days to Die server:

Install the 7 Days to Die server software after downloading it.

Adjust the server’s configuration to your preferences.

Let people access the server.

After your server is up and running, you will be in charge of keeping an eye on it and fixing any problems that may come up. To manage the server and assist your gamers, you can also utilise the server commands.

In summary

Compared to single-player mode, 7 Days to Die servers provide a number of advantages, such as more content, social engagement, and a higher degree of difficulty. You should think about playing on a 7 Days to Die server if you want a more rewarding and difficult experience, or if you want to play with other players.

Extra Advice

Here are some more pointers for using the 7 Days to Die servers when playing:

Show consideration for other players. Keep in mind that you are playing with other people, so show consideration for their play preferences and time.

Obey the server’s guidelines. Before joining, make careful to read the regulations on each server as they vary.

Never hesitate to seek for assistance. Never hesitate to approach other players for assistance if you need it or if you are new to the server.

Play around!