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Why Buy Your Tiles Locally?

If we are looking to purchase tiles for any project, typically our first step is to browse online. There are however many risks to purchasing tiles online. In many instances, buyers would be better off attending local shops. We’ve compiled some suggestions for you to avoid a handful of common mistakes you make when buying tiles on the internet.

Online shopping can be slower

If you purchase online, you need get a sample tile to get a full experience of texture as well as the colour of the tile of desire. It is crucial to obtain the sample in case you be left with tiles you do not like, and can be costly to return. An easier and faster and straightforward method of doing this is to go to your local tile store to select the tiles you’d like and then choose an appropriate delivery time throughout the same day. Tile experts from our store are available to offer advice and suggestions to ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth and enjoyable as it can be during the buying procedure.

Batch differences

Even after you have received an example, when you shop on the internet, due to fluctuations in stock, you might receive tiles from another batch. Because of this the tiles you get might differ in color, size, and quality. However, when you shop in our showrooms the tile expert can make sure that tiles you purchase home are all from the same batch, and of the same quality, shade, and size.

It’s impossible to touch or feel

Different tiles have various designs and textures that you aren’t able to fully appreciate on the internet. In a showroom, you can actually feel and touch the tiles to ensure they meet your expectations and requirements.

Better value in-store

Certain tiles are advertised on the internet as having huge discounts, but they are often purchased in showrooms with lower cost. Furthermore, staff from showrooms can provide information on trader discount and special deals. While price is an important factor but it is important to be aware that tile work is likely to last for a long period of time and it is essential to make sure that tiles of high quality are utilized to stand up to the wear and tear of.


What should you do if you receive damaged tiles purchased from an online store? Are you accountable for any damage? Are you able to get replacements fast enough? Are you required to cover replacement costs? At our company, we inspect our tiles prior to removing them from our showrooms and warehouses, replace any tiles that require replacement prior to when you get them.


In a showroom, you can contact someone who is a professional to seek guidance or in the event of any problems. The Tile stone gallery and tile specialists have extensive knowledge in tiling and can guide you on the most effective and most appropriate choices to meet your tiling needs.

We hope our advice proves helpful in making your tile purchasing decisions. While there are advantages of buying tiles online, it is crucial to be aware of the possible dangers. these risks outweigh the advantages for the majority of people’s needs. Moreover, many people would be benefited from visiting a local tile shop Leicester.