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What Are Level Access Showers & How Do They Work?

Are you aware of someone who has difficulty to get in or out of the bath or shower? A shower with a level entry can be a viable solution to make personal care more secure and easy, facilitating independence for a longer time and providing a more sanitary showering experience for those with mobility issues.

What is a level access shower, and what exactly do they do? Continue reading to learn more…

What is a Access Shower? Access Shower?

A shower with a level access is a shower that does not have steps or trays and is totally in line with the floor of the bathroom. It’s a bit like an wet room It allows those who may have difficulty getting into a standard shower to walk straight into their shower like the rest of their bathroom.

This secure and practical design offers a simple and elegant solution for those who is unable to move, such as those who are elderly, use wheelchairs or any other person with a limited mobility. They are also an ideal option for those who require assistance with personal hygiene because they’re more roomy and allow relatives or caregivers to assist in washing.

What is the process for Level Access Showers Function?

Showers with access levels are basically similar to a wet room. Instead of having a shower enclosed with a tray one must step into, the entire room transforms into a water-proof shower that is non-slip, easy to access shower.

With waterproof tiles that extend from floor to ceiling with a non-slip flooring and an innovative drainage system to ensure that the water is drained quickly they provide a quick and easy solution to a frequently frustrating and sometimes dangerous situation.

Why aren’t they leaking? Why isn’t the water able to get into the floor and then seep into the space below? The new floor of your shower will have a very gentle slope that allows water to flow toward the drain, so there’s no possibility of water pooling. The slope is so small that you don’t even notice it as you enter however, the water will have the option to go towards the drain.

Since there’s no tray for showers needed this results in an easy-to-access shower that has plenty of space and a bathroom free from hazard areas and extremely convenient to use.

What are the benefits of Access Showers? Access Showers?

Showers with access levels allow for personal hygiene to be easier as well as safer and more sanitary. For those who aren’t, a level access shower could mean the difference between living their final years at home, or moving to assisted living or a home for the elderly.

The benefits are:

More Independence More Independence Level access showers may allow access to wash facilities for those who would otherwise not be able to stay at home.

Additional Space for Assistance The entire room can be transformed into a shower, making it much easier for caregivers or other helpers to clean the person in need of assistance.

Rapid and Safe Drainage – Even though the water is able to flow onto the floor, there is no chance of flooding since the water drains swiftly and effectively.

Luxury Design – With a large selection of fittings and fixtures your bathroom does not have to be a slick and modern look. It can be designed to your specifications and look amazing in your home.

Minimal Disruption – They’re extremely simple to install and can be installed within a matter of days.

If they are finished correctly, the floor will not become slippery. Ceramic tiles with an R Rating (Slip-Resistance-Rating) of at least R11 or higher are required.

Who can benefit from Access Showers? Access Showers?

Showers with access to the floor are perfect for those who are elderly, who have mobility issues or wheelchair users, as well as anyone who would like more space to wash.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re not an excellent option for any home! Showers with access levels allow children to shower much more easily because you don’t have to deal with shaky shower curtains or obstructions to shower screens!

Shower rooms with a wet look have experienced an increase in popularity due to their convenience. A lot of households are choosing to leave the bath and opt for a shower and not only cut down on water usage and also accelerate morning and evening routines.

That means that although the modifications to your bathroom are likely to be permanent, they won’t be seen as a negative for potential buyers should the time comes to market your house.

What is the time frame to Install a Bathroom with a Level Access Shower?

A few people are nervous about having their bathroom renovated and a shower with a level access installed. The idea of having strangers enter and exit of your home, and your bathroom being unusable isn’t ideal, but it’s actually quite easy to do and the end result is enough to make up for the inconvenience in the short term.

The time it takes to finish the installation of your shower with level access will depend on the amount of work needed and the style and the finishes you choose.

A basic shower installation and removal could take as little as two days, however a bathroom that requires a complete overhaul i.e. replacing the walls and floor could take about two weeks.

An appointment with one of our design experts can provide you with an estimate of the time frame your project will take. They will also provide any suggestions on how to minimize the disruption to you, making installation simple and easy.

Things to be aware of…

Showers with level access are an effective, safe and simple solution for those who require more access to their bathroom. However, as with everything there are a few things you should be aware of prior to deciding to decide to install an wet area or a accessible shower installed.

Regular maintenance is required Like every shower, it must be cleaned and the gully floor needs to be inspected regularly to prevent slow draining.

They can look sloppy Bad design could leave your bathroom appearing like a care facility. This can be easily avoided by selecting a reliable installer who takes design into account when deciding on your renovation.

Damp build-up – Uncontrolled steam could cause damp, which is why it is essential to have the correct extraction system installed in your wet area. An experienced installer will go about the issue with you and make sure you have the proper ventilation to safeguard your home.