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What are French doors?

What exactly are French doors?

They French doors are very popular in the United Kingdom due to their incredible features and their classic appearance. One of the most effective ways to get the most amount of light to your home and to brighten any space is to put in French doors.

French doors make use of as much light as can be to brighten a room and create a stunning appearance. The main purpose behind French doors is that they offer you a view that is unobstructed and plenty of light.

What is the reason it’s called a French door?

The French doors were developed in France during the 16th-17th century. They are made of glass panels that run from top to the bottom of the door creating a perfect ratio of natural light to the house. They are also known as “window doors” because they were previously used as French windows prior to.

Different types of French door

Due to the rising popularity of French doors, a variety of French doors are now available on the market. In addition to the external French doors, but also interior French doors come with a variety of choices to choose from.Let us take a look at the different kinds that are available for French doors.

1. External French doors

Exterior French doors are a fantastic choice for creating the most grand entrance into your house. Exterior French doors are generally more durable than internal French doors as they are designed to withstand the elements. They are intended to keep intruders out and ensure your safety inside.

Outside French doors look fantastic in rustic, modern and contemporary as well as traditional houses. These doors let natural light and fresh air to enter your home and also enhance the look of your home.

2. Internal French doors

Interior French doors are a lot like to doors that are external French doors. But, they are installed inside your house to divide the spaces and rooms. They let more light into your living spaces while elegantly creating more space and also dividing two rooms using doors.

Internal French doors are ideal for bedroom as well as a kitchen, dining area or even a closet. They allow the ability to access different rooms, and are able to blend seamlessly with other elements of the house’s interior. The sleek design of French doors make the perfect addition to your home, no matter the size of the room.

3. Wood French doors

Wood French doors, also known as French doors made of timber are the most commonly used option in the case of French doors. Because of the strength and durability of wood, home owners choose wood doors over other doors materials for their home. Additionally, French wood doors give an elegant look to your home.

There are many various options for the appearance of a wooden door dependent on the kind of wood and the finishing you pick. You can weatherproof your French doors with wood to guard the wood from being damaged due to humidity.

4. Glass French doors

The glass French doors are ideal for letting lots of air into your house. They are among the most attractive French doors. The majority of them aren’t entirely made of glass. The main part inside the door can be constructed of glass, with the margins being comprised of stronger materials like fibreglass or wood.

Most people are tempted to think of simple glass panels when it concerns French doors, however, there is also the option of stained glass or decorative windows. The primary concern individuals have about the glass door is that it could be fragile.

5. Metal French doors

The metal French doors are constructed of various materials like steel or aluminum. Steel is excellent for security and are also simple to maintain and offer surprisingly good insulation. Steel French doors are susceptible to scratching, rust and dent easily.

But, doors made of aluminium are excellent as they won’t rust as other type of metal like steel. They are simple to clean and are less heavy as steel door. Furthermore aluminum French doors are inexpensive, which means you will not have to shell out additional to install aluminum French doors for your home.

6. Sliding French doors

French doors are usually opened from the inside or outside via hinges, but sliding doors are a fantastic alternative. They are positioned on tracks and are weighed so that they can be opened and shut effortlessly. They are typically placed between a fixed door and a mobile one.

Sliding French doors typically have frames made of metal, such as aluminum or steel. The sliding French doors are usually constructed with large glass panels in order to let in light. In addition they tend to be slightly more affordable in comparison to traditional French doors.

7. Bifold French doors

Bifold French doors function a little differently than different French doors. Instead of using hinges, or tracks and track, they utilize both. They typically consist of two doors or more linked by hinges.

Most often, you’ll see them for closet doors. They fold in on each other and fold off towards the side instead of opening as a traditional door when they are used. They are suitable for use anywhere and can be an exceptional option to bring a unique design to your home.

8. French pocket doors

French pocket doors do not fold as bi-fold doors, they instead slide, at times, in between wall or stationary doors. They usually feature an inner pocket and, with this pocket, doors that are French pocket doors slide right into walls.

Like a typical sliding door, you’ll need to ensure that your tracks are tidy and maintained regularly to ensure that the French pocket doors move effortlessly. They are typically used for their internal use over exterior doors.

9. French patio doors

French door patios are stylish and stylish for doors that open to the garden or backyard. These doors allow plenty of air and light since they’re made of huge glass panels. The frame of the door is typically composed of metals like aluminium or steel.

There’s an alternative possibility for French patio doors by turning these doors into sliding patio door. These doors function exactly as the French patio door, but they can be able to slide down tracks, providing you with an extra space.

10. Single French doors

Single French doors are doors that are made of wood or glass. Single French doors are utilized as interior doors and external doors. The most commonly used metals to make the single French doors comprise uPVC aluminum, uPVC, and steel.

They’re the best option if you have a small space in which double doors won’t be accommodated. If you do have room, we’d advise you to consider double French doors because they allow natural ventilation , and also provide your home with an extra boost.


There are a variety of French doors that you are able to choose from. French doors are an ideal combination for both interior doors as well as exterior doors. It is however recommended to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each French door prior to deciding on one.