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The benefits of Roman blinds

Roman blinds are an excellent alternative for those who want the simplicity and convenience of blinds, but also the versatility and style of curtain fabrics. Here’s the reason we suggest you consider roman blinds in your house.

One of the greatest advantages that roman blinds offer is the variety of options available. The style you select the roman blind could be feminine and feminine, or more masculine and crafted.

Roman blinds come in many distinct styles, each of which offers an entirely different appearance. Three styles that are very popular are:

* Hobbled folds are quite typical and is made up of loops of fabric that run all the way to the bottom of the blind.

Flat folds are modern and contemporary. It is made from just one piece of fabric, making it ideal for designs

A relaxing roman blind gives a nice casual appearance. Since it doesn’t have horizontal rods of dowels that run through the blind, but is raised by cords that are vertically running on either side The lower part of the blind is draped gently and loosely.

With various styles, in addition to the fact that roman shades can be constructed from almost any material (even sheers) There’s no doubt that you’ll find a roman shade that is suitable for your space.

Flexible and timeless style

Like the name suggests, roman blinds were in use for a long time and have evolved in design to what we see now. It’s a timeless blind design that doesn’t move in and out of “trend” fast enough. With the proper fabric selection, roman blinds made to measure near me enjoy the advantage of having longevity and a stylish and long-lasting life span.

Like we said earlier the variety of fabrics and design options available will make them perfect for any home, from an minimalist or industrial home as well as the classic rustic or Shabby stylish.

Control of light

While roman blinds do not offer exactly the same amount of light control that blinds made of tilting slats their pleated style allows ample space between open and closed positions to block or let light in. What they offer over slat blinds is that they’re constructed from a single piece of fabric, there aren’t any spaces for light to pass through when you actually require to block it out completely.


They are made of a single piece of fabric, roman blinds provide great privacy.
Energy efficient

If you’re trying to keep the heat out or inside the room, roman blinds that are properly lined that are made of the correct fabric, can be a stylish and easy solution for all seasons.


In general roman blinds are made of around 25 more fabric than curtains therefore they’re less expensive.


Roman blinds are a great way to add style to windows and create an appealing appearance in contrast to other rigid materials like wood blinds.

Good for smaller windows

Smaller windows can be bounded with curtains. Roman blinds do not take up any space at all on the opposite end of the windows.

Clean and neat look

Certain window furnishings add large spaces around windows. Not roman blinds. They are either up or down. have a clean, light uniform appearance that makes the window a sleek appearance.

Simple to use

Roman blinds are easy to lift and lower down with cords, but the latest technology can also allow motorised versions.

Safety concerns

The traditional roman blind is constructed by a set of cords and rings (and occasionally dowel rods) on the back. Cords can form loops when they are pulled off the shades creating a strangulation risk for pets and children.