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The Benefits of Noise Assessments

Today we’ll discuss why a Noise at Work Assessment is crucial in your work environment and the ways you could benefit from these services.

Protection of Workers

Through conducting noise tests at work, you can to safeguard your employees. An assessment of the workplace’s noise levels can help us identify issues, allowing you to take steps to make your workplace safer for your employees. Long-term exposure to excessive noise levels can cause a various health issues that can be permanent or temporary, such as hearing loss caused by noise as well as acoustic shock, tinnitus, and. It is mandatory that the noise assessment be performed if employees may be susceptible daily to levels of noise at or over the lower exposure action for daily or weekly amount which is around at least 80 dB(A).

Protection of the company

Employers have a legal obligation to protect employees who work in areas that are subject to excessive noise levels as per Regulations on the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) You must should also safeguard the image of your business by ensuring that you comply with the law. If our noise risk assessment determine that there is a need for reduced exposure to noise and reduction, the business is required to implement organizational and technical measures to lower the amount of noise. This may include taking into consideration the layout and design of the workplace and reducing exposure of workers through the rotation of jobs, or reduction measures made through the use of acoustic screens, machine design, isolation and absorption noise.

Improve Workplace Communication

By reducing noise at work all employees will benefit from a boost in communication. Employees will be able to communicate more effectively as well as enjoy an increase in safety by reducing the risks of confusion.

Better Well-being of Workers

While it is beneficial for health and safety when it comes to their hearing ability, effects of the irritation caused by too much noise shouldn’t be overlooked. It could put employees under a lot of mental strain, and physical stress and physical stress, therefore reducing noise levels can help enhance the overall health of employees.

Improve Productivity

If employees feel happier and are able to communicate more effectively with their coworkers and colleagues, it can also benefit the business because it will have an effect on productivity of employees. Making the necessary changes to cut down on noise, will enable employees to focus more on the job in the moment.

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