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The Benefits of an Electric Towel Rail

They are useful all year round and don’t require a cold, chilly day to accomplish their purpose. In a matter of minutes, you’ll wonder what you could have done to get one initially.

No matter what time of year it is, whether winter or the summer’s peak it’s always a good idea to get an electric towel rail because you’ll be ready for the beginning of winter. There are a lot of great bargains available when you are willing to search. There are times when you’re not ready to sign up for an offer when you aren’t aware of the advantages. Therefore, with no further delay we’ll take a look at the advantages you’ll get by having a heated towel rack.

Bathrooms with warmer temperatures

First, let’s look at the most obvious. They provide you with warmth. My bathroom is quite cold in the majority of the time and there’s no radiator there therefore the only heat source comes from the hot towel rail. It’s connected to the central heating system this means that the heating needs to be turned on even if I just wanted to warm the bathroom. It is possible to get around this by buying an electric towel rack, that uses the electrical system in your home system to heat in lieu of the central heater (there are dual-fuel versions too that let you combine both). It is a good idea to have the heating start at the beginning of the day, because the bathroom is usually the first place you’ll go to, you won’t be greeted with frigid temperatures in the bathroom – but it’s an excellent wake-up call!

Warmer towels

A towel radiator must be utilized for much more than heating your bathroom the reason is quite evident at the end of its name. I believe there’s nothing anything better than getting out of the shower and encasing yourself in a soft, warm towel that’s hanging from the radiator for a while. I don’t wash bath towels following every use. Instead, I hang them to dry. They’ll dry faster when they are hung on the rail of a heated towel. I’ve been stung several times by the towel that isn’t fully dried because I put it somewhere else and it’s not something anyone is looking for when you wrap the towel around you. Also, I think warming up a towel can help reduce stress, and especially the quantity of cursing that one can make if they find that your bath towel is wet!


There’s a wide range of sizes and shapes available and you’ll have plenty of choices on the style you think would best fit the decor of your bathroom. The majority of heated towel rails appear elegant, modern, sleek and stylish and will add a touch of elegance to the bathroom. Ladder rails are by far the most sought-after type, ranging starting with small ones that have just one or two runs, to huge gigantic ones that can fill the entire wall of my bathroom. Designer towel rails offer the biggest variety of designs that include loops and rings to waves, spirals and more portrayed here. There are also traditional horizontal heated towel rails for sale in case you prefer something less contemporary. In other words, There’s something for every person.

More drying space

Are you without a dryer at home or would you like to save money by not utilizing this energy-intensive appliance? It’s likely that you’ll use the radiators in your home to dry clothes even if you don’t have a laundry line (although not useful in the winter months or when it rains) or an indoor hanger for clothes. The problem is that massive loads of laundry will quickly take up all the space on your radiators. If you’re in need of some extra space, you could make use of the heated towel rail to provide an additional drying area for your clothes as long as you’re not currently using it to dry towels.

More space and more stop

A heated towel radiator could free up some space in the bathroom, since there is no need to install a radiator. They are usually smaller than radiator, and are able to be hung in a higher position on the wall. They are a double-edged solution that eliminates the need for both, and offering a bit of area to create an illusion the bathroom appears larger than it really is.