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Serviced Accommodation: All the Comforts of Home Plus Hotel-Style Hospitality

Serviced housing includes apartments, villas, and houses that are fully equipped and can be rented for a short or long time. These places to stay have services and amenities like hotels, but they have more room and the comforts of home. Serviced accommodations are a good choice for travellers who want more space and freedom than a typical hotel room. Some of the things that serviced flats usually have and offer are listed below:

Fully stocked kitchen
The fully equipped kitchen is one of the main things that sets serviced flats apart. This gives guests the freedom to cook their own food and saves them money on eating out. The following items are usually found in managed apartment kitchens:

The fridge and freezer
Range hood, oven and stove hob
Use a microwave
Washer and dryer
Basic tools and cooking
Cutlery and plates
Kettle with electricity
Things you need to cook, like oil, salt, and pepper

Some serviced flats come with extras in the kitchen, like a coffee maker, toaster, blender, or rice cooker. There are things like tea bags, coffee, sugar, milk, and cleaning tools in the kitchen.

Rooms for living and eating
There is a private, fully-furnished living and dining area in serviced apartments from the bedroom. These rooms feel more like home than most hotel rooms because of this. There is a sofa, armchairs, and a coffee table in the sitting room for added comfort. A flat-screen TV and a DVD player are common ways to have fun.

The eating area has a table and chairs that are big enough for all of the guests. In some flats, you can also eat at a bar counter. Some living and dining rooms may have extras like a work desk, access to a balcony, or laundry tools like a washer and dryer in the room.

Living rooms and bathrooms
Each bedroom in a serviced apartment comes with a cosy double, queen or king-sized bed and side tables with lamps. There is usually a lot of cabinet room and a place for a vanity. Towels, toiletries and a hair drier are in each bathroom. Some higher-end flats may offer bathrobes and slippers.

Each unit size has a different number of beds and bathrooms. Studios and one-bedroom units are the most popular, but there are also two- and three-bedroom units for families or groups with more people.

Cleaning and maintenance of homes
Regular cleaning is one of the most important services that come with serviced apartments. This includes things like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, making the beds and changing the towels. Housekeeping is usually done once or twice a week for stays longer than one week.

There are also maintenance services that can fix any fixtures or features that need it. Most serviced flats have maintenance staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some even do repair work, like putting together flat-pack furniture.

Add-ons and Facilities
Along with the amenities in the rooms, serviced accommodation often has fun things for guests to do. This could mean:

Gym or fitness centre
A swimming pool outside
Places to grill
Room for games
Centre for business
Places to do laundry
Putting away luggage
Help with getting things
Putting down

Another important thing to think about is security. Serviced apartments have safe entry systems, key cards, and some even have a front desk that is open 24 hours a day.

Easy access
One of the best things about serviced flats is that they are usually in residential areas or mixed-use developments instead of tourist areas, which makes them very convenient. But they are still close to business areas, shopping malls, restaurants and public transportation, making it easy to get around.

Overall, a serviced apartment’s full range of facilities, services and amenities makes it a warm and easy place to stay while away from home. They are different from regular hotel stays because they have more room and more freedom. Modern services and amenities make both short-term and long-term travellers happy.