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How to Buy a Used Kitchen

In the event of a kitchen that is second-hand, it is sensible for many reasons. It is surprising that this is still a route many people still do not think about taking.

From a cost-saving standpoint From a financial standpoint, second-hand kitchens are worth it, allowing customers to buy kitchens from the top designers, which their budgets could not otherwise be able to. In many instances, second hand kitchens will come in at 50%-70 percent less than the price of the new.

A kitchen that has been used is an environmentally friendly option, recycling items that, in a lot of instances, are not utilized.

This guide will help you buy a second hand kitchen we explain how to buy one, outline any potential problems and what you should look for when buying one as well as covering the small, easy steps you can take to make your kitchen more attractive.

Where to buy a second Used Kitchen

As more and more people have gotten on to the numerous advantages of buying used kitchens so also have the numbers of second hand kitchen suppliers.

Specialists’ stores sell and buy used kitchens. There are some that have showrooms where you can see the kitchens close up, while others will arrange for you to view any kitchen that you might be interested in, either on its premises or, where located at the house of the owner.

Other options include online auction sites like eBay (opens in a new tab) or be on the lookout for local sellers who advertise via social networks.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a former display kitchen, it is worth visiting the kitchen showrooms. You can leave your details with them — they will often be willing to communicate with customers when they are alter their display displays.

What’s the difference between a Secondhand Kitchen or an ex-display Kitchen?

A former display kitchen is a kitchen that is straight out of a kitchen showroom and won’t have been utilized — as a result they tend to be a little more expensive than second-hand kitchens but there are still substantial savings to be achieved. There could be a few indications in wear based on the length of time it’s been out on the floor of the shop.

The majority of kitchens that are ex-display come from the current ranges, which means it is possible to add on them if you want to add new, compatible items.

You can either visit kitchen showrooms in person and inquire about purchasing one of their kitchens ex-display or browse websites of second-hand kitchens and some are mentioned above. They usually stock both old and used kitchens.

How to Purchase a Second Hand Kitchen

Before you start looking for a second hand kitchen, have a layout of your kitchen space drawn so you’re clear on the measurements of the room, the limitations on height, the position of doors and windows and others. Then, you can choose a kitchen to fit.

A majority of reputable suppliers will provide all the necessary information on their websites, which includes the different sizes of the units, as well as the general sizes of the fitted kitchens.

The report should also contain an entire list of what is included in terms of appliances and worktops, the general condition of the kitchen area, a selection of images and the most recent date it can be dismantled and ready to be picked up or delivered.

Some companies offer a delivery service for the cost of a fee, while others will require you to take the kitchen on your own. Most will not charge to take down the kitchen, but check.

It may also be worth enquiring whether or not they provide financing options, as many do.

It’s possible to make an account with the sellers of used and ex-display kitchens and describing your needs to ensure that they contact you as soon as they receive something that is suitable in the event that they don’t have something on hand at the moment.

Then, ask about preloved kitchens too — some companies give this designation to less-than-perfect second-hand kitchens which require some attention to get in good shape again, like new doors or worktops.

What’s Included in an second Hand Kitchen?

It is crucial to know what’s included in the price of your second-hand kitchen. A reliable supplier should provide a complete list of what is and isn’t included on their site.

Some kitchens will included a whole host of appliances as well as the kitchen units, such as sinks and taps, ovens range cookers, hobs refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, extractor hoods and other smaller appliances like coffee makers with built-in microwaves, washing machines, and microwaves.

It is also important to check whether the following items are included so that you know what you’re spending money on and whether it’s the kitchen you want:

End panels

Who is a good candidate for a second Hand Kitchen?

It is not common to find a fitting service be included when buying an old kitchen, but some suppliers might have the ability to recommend an installer for your kitchen near you. In other cases, you’ll have to either take a DIY approach or find an installer or joiner by yourself.

Used Kitchen Delivery Options

Delivery charges for second-hand kitchens are not usually included in the cost. Some companies offer a delivery service, while other companies will gladly direct you in the direction of someone they’ve employed before and will possess the necessary equipment to safely deliver a complete kitchen.

If you’re arranging to collect the kitchen yourself , be aware that a used kitchen will weigh a lot if it contains appliances, worktops, and other items. You require a delivery service with appropriate lifting equipment as well as insurance that is appropriate and vans that can transport hefty objects.

Removing a Second Hand Kitchen

Instead of purchasing a brand new kitchen, an used or ex-display kitchen will already be put in a home or a showroom. The result is that it’ll need to be removed in order to be moved to its new location.

Some used kitchen suppliers have a group of specialists they regularly use to dismantle, deliver and install kitchen that they purchase through them. These are typically independent firms. The cost for this service can differ based on the scale of the kitchen, proximity to the address of delivery and the service provider used.

In other situations, the dismantling of the kitchen will be included in the cost of the kitchen. It will be coordinated by the supplier.

If you opt to purchase from a private vendor, you might be asked to tear down the kitchen by yourself and then arrange collection too in most cases.
Used Kitchen Checklist

There are of course potential risks when purchasing a second-hand item. These risks can be minimised by conducting the following checks prior to buying: buy:

View the kitchen you are interested in before making any payments or putting down a deposit
You must measure your kitchen space properly and be sure that the kitchen you choose to install will be able to fit (remember that worktops can always be cut down or the units moved to fit your space — so you may need to be creative)
Find out who will dismantle the kitchen.
Get information on delivery options.
Examine the kitchen thoroughly by inspecting the backs and bases of the units, as well as just the fronts. Examine hinges, drawer runners and bases, inspect surfaces for burn marks
When it comes to appliances, make sure to ask if there are any instructions or guarantees and if the appliances will be compatible with your existing services. It is wise to have appliances inspected as well as installed by a suitably qualified electrician and/or plumber before the use.
Check what fixings are included (hinges, brackets etc.)

Quick Kitchen Updates

Do not forget that your ideal kitchen could be nearer than you thinkWhat would you like to give your current the kitchen an extra lease of life? This is the cheapest route to buy a second-hand kitchen in the end…

Check out these easy and quick kitchen ideas for making it more beautiful:

Kitchen units can be updated with a fresh, painted finish. You can choose eggshell paint that’s easy to be cleaned up and make sure that you’ve primed, sanded, and primed units where necessary
Change dated unit knobs and handles for new designs
Re-use the carcasses of your existing unit that are still in good condition by removing the doors and drawer faces and buying new ones.
Replace the wall units with open shelving for a quick refresh
Think about replacing some of your fitted units with freestanding furniture such as dressers made from recycled furniture and sideboards are great kitchen units and worksurfaces
Re-tile the floors and walls.
Refresh an outdated splashback by introducing an eye-catching design
Update the lighting -elegant pendants or sleek downlighters make a lot more sense for a space than an ugly, fly-filled fluorescent striplight
Replace the kitchen tap as well as the sink