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Drive Around Advertising: How to Use Custom Vehicle Graphics & Signs to Market Your Brand

Graphics and signs that are displayed on vehicles are an extremely efficient method of advertising your company. You can transform every vehicle in your fleet, including delivery trucks, company cars, and fleet vehicles, into a moving billboard for your goods or services by branding them with eye-catching graphics and signage designed specifically for that purpose. The important thing is to make sure that the vehicle graphics and signs are noticeable, memorable, and convey the message of what your company does. The following are some suggestions for promoting your company through the use of vehicle graphics and signs:

Think about the identity of your brand. Ensure that the colours, fonts, and images that are utilised in the graphics of your vehicle are consistent with the overall identity of your brand. It is important that they use the same style, colour scheme, and logo as the rest of your marketing materials. When someone sees your vehicle drive by, they will immediately recognise your brand because of this marketing strategy. Putting your company’s logo and website on the doors or the back of the vehicle is enough to get your brand noticed; it is not necessary for your graphics to cover the entire vehicle.

Ensure that they are uncomplicated and uncluttered. Designs that are uncluttered and straightforward, and that can be read in a single glance, are the most effective vehicle graphics. Avoid using graphics that are difficult to understand because they are cluttered or busy. Important information, such as the name of your company, your phone number, and your website, should be displayed in large text. If you want the graphics to stand out, you should use colour blocks, lines, and simple icons. The graphics and signs that are displayed on vehicles should be simple and easy to understand in order to increase the number of impressions and conversions.

Identify Your Target Audience
Find out who your ideal customers are, and then design the graphics on your vehicles so that they are appealing to that particular demographic. A company that specialises in landscaping, for instance, ought to make use of green and earthy colours and imagery, such as trees and flowers. The graphics of a technology company might be sleek and contemporary, with bold fonts that are futuristic. You should give some thought to the kinds of designs and messages that will most effectively connect with your ideal customers.

Rely on Laughter and Originality. It is not enough for vehicle graphics to simply provide information; they should also provide an opportunity to showcase the personality of your brand. Your vehicle graphics will be more memorable to onlookers and more likely to be shared on social media if you use clever taglines, funny slogans, and creative images. However, you should make sure that the humour is consistent with the voice of your brand and does not come across as unprofessional.

Perform Frequent Updates Do not simply apply a generic wrap to your vehicle and then leave it there for years to accumulate. Your vehicle graphics should be updated on a seasonal basis or whenever new products or messaging are introduced. Every time your vehicle is out on the road, people will be able to see it because of this. Publicise holiday campaigns, special sales, events, new menu items, and any other messages that are relevant at the moment. Maintain its freshness and relevance.

Concentrate on Areas with a High Visibility Location is essential for achieving maximum visibility. You should brand the areas of your vehicle that are most likely to attract attention, such as the entire rear or the sides, with your most prominent messaging. There are additional options available, such as door graphics, window decals, and personalised licence plates. Make sure that essential information, such as your website, can be easily viewed from any vantage point.

Implement Fleet Vehicles in a Strategic Manner The fact that your company operates a fleet of multiple vehicles is something that you should take advantage of. Your graphics should be staggered so that no two vehicles will have the same particular design. Because of this, people will get the impression that your fleet and the reach of your brand are extensive. The vehicles are brought together by the use of coordinating colours and styles.

Smart Parking The location at which you typically park your branded vehicles is important. Parking should be done on busy streets with high foot traffic, in close proximity to venues that attract your target audience, or in places that are visually appealing whenever possible. Every time you park, you should make it a point to give your vehicle graphics and signs the opportunity to be seen. You should face outward towards the street even when you are parked at your office.

Drive to the Locations of Interest Your branded vehicles should be driven specifically to locations where your audience congregates, in addition to the regular driving routes that you take. Place your vehicle in close proximity to competitors, well-known local events or venues, city centres, or at times when you are aware that there will be crowds. It is to your advantage to make as many impressions as possible.

Utilise Advertising That Moves When the vehicles are actually moving, the graphics on the vehicles are at their most effective. In comparison to when it is parked, the motion attracts people’s attention much more. When you want to make the most impressions possible, you should have drivers purposefully drive branded vehicles through high-traffic areas, past locations where you want to attract customers, and during times of the day when streets are busy.

Keeping an eye on progress Tracking the effectiveness of your vehicle graphics can be accomplished by using one-of-a-kind codes, website links, and phone numbers. If people mention the graphics, you should provide them with a special discount. Alter the graphics that are not performing well, or try using more vibrant colours, making the text larger, or moving them to areas of the vehicle that are more visible. It is necessary to rework the graphics and signs on vehicles that are not producing the desired results.

Remember to keep your investment. Maintain a clean interior and exterior for your branded vehicles. If the graphics are smudged or faded, they will no longer have the impact that was intended. If you want to keep the integrity of your moving billboard intact, you should replace any graphics that begin to peel or become damaged. When they are not being used, take precautions to protect branded vehicles from severe weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold. Consider the graphics you create to be an investment, and treat them as such.

When it comes to advertising your company while you are actively moving around, vehicle graphics and signs provide an extremely versatile option. Your branded fleet has the potential to become an essential marketing asset if you implement best practices in everything from the designs to the visibility strategies to the maintenance. Your ideal customers will be able to notice your brand wherever they go if you take advantage of moving billboards such as vehicle graphics and signs.