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Nisa Commits To £6m Investment To Help Lower Wholesale Prices For Retailers

Nisa is to invest £6 million into lowering the wholesale prices of more than 1,000 branded products as it supports its retailers through the cost of living crisis.

The Scunthorpe-headquartered convenience specialist has used market data to identify key products acoss the most important ambient categories for the sector – with a focus on beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and tobacco.

Newly appointed managing director, Peter Batt, has committed to further develop the customer offer as part of its mission to be the independent retailer’s partner of choice, and told how this significant investment further supports its retailers.

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He said: “I’ve been really clear since taking on this role that Nisa retailers are at the heart of all our decisions and that I’ll listen to their feedback and will deliver on everything we said we would. We know we need to invest in price during these challenging times, and that’s why we’re pleased to be able to provide better wholesale prices into categories which drive high footfall for our retailers, allowing retailers to protect their margins at a time when most business costs are escalating.

“This price investment is only the beginning of the support we are committed to providing our retailers throughout 2023 and beyond. We know that issues such as energy costs and the cost of living are a real concern to our customers and we are working hard to provide as much support as possible.”

The new price investment comes on the back of the investment announced in September last year which saw more than 1,000 price reductions for Nisa retailers on Co-op own brand lines. Nisa is part of the Co-op, having been the subject of a £143 million takeover, sealed in 2018.

It comes as the business revealed how £1 million was donated to good causes through its Making a Difference Locally charity last year.

In-store activity around Making a Difference Locally. Throughout 2022, Nisa stores supported charities and community groups with 2,142 donations, totalling £1,085,828. It was a 3.9 per cent increase in the number of individual donations made and a 2.8 per cent increase in the total figure donated when compared with the previous year.

Recent donations include funding to food banks, equipment to local sports clubs and sustainability initiatives.

Since its formation in 2008, Making a Difference Locally has raised more than £15 million. Donations are generated through sales of specific products in stores. All own brand products from the Co-op and Heritage ranges contribute, with additional money raisedwith in-store collecting tins, coin spinners and clothing banks.

Kate Carroll, head of charity at Nisa, said: “Thank you to all our retailers who supported their local communities last year and helped us to achieve this fantastic milestone!

“We know that our retailers play a hugely important role in their respective communities, and I’m delighted they work so closely with MADL to raise the funding to donate to some wonderful causes which are hugely significant in their own local communities.

“Lots of great work is already underway to make 2023 a truly impactful year and we look forward to contributing further in the coming months.”

Sarah Lancashire, as Sgt Catherine Cawood, approaches the Nisa store in Hebden Bridge. Happy Valley filming ‘anything but an inconvenience’ for Nisa A Nisa Local store has also become a tourism hot spot in West Yorkshire – having been used as a filming location in the final series of Happy Valley.

The Hebden Bridge outlet was first used 10 years ago and the final episode was aired on BBC One earlier this month, with the store featuring throughout. It is owned by Amacor following an acquisition in May 2021, and the Nisa branding was given some serious screentime as the workplace of Catherine Cawood’s brother-in-law Neil Askroyd.

The store’s real-life manager, Martin Turner, has worked for the convenience store for over 15 years and admits he didn’t expect so much attention.

“The previous owner of the store was approached about a new series which would be shown on the BBC, and he allowed them to film in the store about 10 years ago now,” he said. “For continuity reasons the production company kept in touch and used the store in each series. They approached us and asked if they could film and we were happy to be part of the Happy Valley journey.

“There’s been a big impact on the local area and we’ve seen a lot of tourists visiting the area – particularly over the last couple of weeks. We have had so many fans of the show turn up just to have a look around and take photographs both inside and outside the store.

“It does make me laugh when I see so many people outside the store waiting for the opportunity to take a photograph – 10 years ago I’d have wondered what was going on, but I don’t mind it. I’m happy to play our part.”

Con O’Neill has an uncomfortable over-the-counter scene with Sarah Lancashire. (Image: BBC) Martin and other staff at the Nisa Local spent several hours at a time working alongside the famous faces.

“The actors in the series were fantastic to deal with,” added Martin. “Con O’Neill, who played Neil, was obviously in the store quite a lot on filming days and he was great. We’ve had so many members of the public come to the front and ask, ‘when’s Neil working next?’ and I’m not sure all of them are joking! I think a lot of them think Neil actually works here!

“Sarah Lancashire, who plays Catherine, was here for the second lot of filming and again she was a pleasure to have in the store. She actually stayed just around the corner to us so she did a lot of shopping in the store during days away from filming.”

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