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Which hair transplant is best in Turkey?

Turkey is now a top choice for those looking to receive an excellent hair transplant at an affordable price. The medical procedures that are performed in Turkey are recognized as the top and cost-effective medical procedures in comparison against U.S. and European countries are what makes Turkey an ideal place to receive hair transplants.

Can you get a hair transplants in Turkey?

Absolutely! There’s a reason Turkey is the very first nation that pops up in the globe when it comes to hair transplant. Transplanting hair in Turkey draws patients from many countries across the globe. … There are about 500 clinics and hospitals which offer hair transplantation.Is it more beneficial to have a hair transplants in Turkey?

Due to the huge need for transplants of hair in Turkey Another advantage Turkish doctors enjoy is that, as they are able to perform hundreds or many hair transplants each year, they have superior experience when comparison to surgeons from Europe or America which means that they can provide better outcomes.

What is the rate of success of hair transplants in Turkey?

In Turkey the hair transplant success rate is mostly due to the knowledge of the medical team. When it is done by a medical team that has extensive experience, the success rate is 98 percent. This means that two in 100 transplants could be unsuccessful.

If you’ve been contemplating hair restoration for some time, it’s no surprise Turkey is among the most suitable countries for the procedure of a hair transplant. …


How come hair transplants are so cheap in Turkey?

Turkey is known for its hair transplants with relatively low cost than other countries. … The reason is that costs in Turkey are lower than those in other countries with developed economies. This allows Hair transplant centers in Turkey to offer lower prices with equal and better high-quality services.

Do hair transplants have a chance of going wrong?

The ISHRS reported that they are seeing increasing instances of people left with scars from transplants that went wrong. It has published images of women and men who been deprived of too much hair from their heads, patients injured by the operations, and transplants that have been unsuccessful.

What is the cost of an Turkish hair transplant?

The price to perform hair transplants within Turkey generally is between $1500 and $3000 dependent on the amount of hair-planting follicles that range between 1000 and 6500 hair follicles. are many clinics in Turkey which can carry out the implantation of these bulbs over a number of sessions.

Is FUE hair transplant permanent?

Hair transplantation, also known as hair restoration is a procedure for outpatients which makes use of micrografting technology to transplant your own hair follicles and hair to other regions in your hair that are thin. The outcomes of the hair transplant are clearly lasting and are believed to be permanent.

Why is it that Turkey have numerous hair-transplants?

The cost of labor is one factor, but the other reason is that the country has a declining currency. It is worth noting that the Turkish Lira is significantly less affluent in comparison to that of Pound Sterling as well as other currencies. This means that clinics for hair transplants in Turkey do not compromise on quality.

Hair Transplant Options in Turkey

There are numerous hair transplant options available in Turkey which patients can pick from. It is important to recognize the distinctions between these options so that you can make an informed decision based on facts regarding the best option for your individual needs and preferences.

There are three major kinds of hair transplant procedures offered by the best Turkish hair transplant clinics:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
Sapphire FUE
Long-hair FUE
FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

What is the best way to cover the cost of my transplant to my head in Turkey?

The majority of clinics for hair transplants within Turkey have patients make an upfront fee to guarantee their dates for surgery The amount due at the day of procedure the procedure itself.

In the majority of instances, you can settle the balance in cash or by credit card. Be aware that some businesses try to avoid tax, and will therefore add an additional 18% fee for credit card transactions.

There are only a handful of clinics that provide financing or payment plans to pay for the cost of hair transplants in Turkey. They have a solid existence in UK as well as different European countries.

Expected Results Following Transplantation of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Although a hair transplant carried out by an experienced doctor could bring about dramatic changes in the appearance of a patient, it is equally important for patients to know the kind of results that can be achieved and are reasonable.

The patient must be aware the fact that transplanting hair is a proven medical procedure that is governed by the guidelines of medicine.

Hair Transplant Turkey Statistics

It is estimated that there are 75,000 hair transplant in Turkey. Europeans and Russians make up a large proportion of health tourism. The numbers are expected going to increase exponentially in the next few years.

Based on the Turkish Health Care Travel Council 750,000 health tourism tourists travel to Turkey every year. This is about 6,500 health tourism visitors who travel to receive hair transplants in Turkey every month.