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Where to start with your wedding flowers?

Beginning the exciting journey of choosing the wedding flowers is exciting…but it can be a bit daunting! The decision of where to begin goes far in creating the perfect look for your wedding day.

Based on my personal wedding experience I’ve come up with some suggestions and tricks for getting started and what you should consider when you’re planning your floral arrangements and some excellent tips on how to get the most from the flowers you’ve picked.

Take a moment to think About Your Wedding Vibe

A rustic or vintage wedding can’t be complete without a plethora of mismatched vases and wild flowers. For a contemporary wedding, or one that is more formal will require something more bold but not as a lot.

Take a look at your venue

Ask your florist or the venue on what kind of floral design has been successful at the wedding venue you’ve picked out prior to. If you are able, search for real-life wedding examples from couples who were married at your location so that you can select the wedding and event flowers you love.

Take a moment to think about your guests

Avoid falling into the mistake of decorating your event like an empty space, think about the areas where guests will gather and feel attracted to so that you can make sure that your flowers are seen, not buried in a space which will be ignored.

Consider Budget Ideas

Choose flowers that are’must must-haves’ and ‘nice include’, such as bouquets for your wedding as opposed to a centerpiece for each table. You’ll quickly realize the areas you’d like to focus your money.

Consider the impact

Do not spread your budget too thinly, it’s more effective to impress with just one or two aspects instead of having a few dozen of flowers scattered around which aren’t noticed. It is also an excellent idea to select arrangements that are able to be moved, so you’ll be able to spend more time creating an exquisitely lush arrangement than dividing your budget into two arrangements.

Consider Thinking About Your Photographs

Take note of the areas in your space that are the most appealing to photographers. Is the area at the bottom of your staircase a stunning spacious and light-filled space? You could consider a garland that runs through the steps to make these photos appear more special. Maybe the entrance to the venue is breathtaking and you’re looking for the most stunning confetti shot this time. You could consider a flower archway to add a lot of impact to this timeless wedding photo that you’ll cherish for many years to take.

With this knowledge the first meeting with your wedding florist is bound to be like a dream! You’ll know what number of flowers you’d like, the locations you’d like them, and the areas you’d like to concentrate on your budget. This leaves you open to discuss the fun things like colors and varieties, as well as concepts! What’s more enjoyable than this? !