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Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs Are Easily Maneuverable And Easy To Store

In this post, we’ll examine the benefits of a compact electric wheelchair. The article will provide seven reasons why we believe that they’re among the best options for those who have mobility issues.

Electric folding wheelchairs are fast being regarded as one of the sought-after mobility aids available in the UK. They’ve been in use for a while however it has been in the past two years that they’ve begun to gain popularity. Before that, they were quite expensive and their weight was quite heavy on most models.

In the past couple of years, this has begun to change, and now there are a variety of lightweight folding electric wheelchairs that are coming onto the market. In addition to the weight, price has been dropping as well.

What are the benefits of a portable electric wheelchair?

In the next part, we’ll discuss the top 7 benefits of folding electric wheelchairs. This will include how it compares to other mobility vehicles including regular electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Advantage 1 – Compact easily stored and compact

One of the major advantages of having a lightweight electric wheelchair is that it can fit into a lot of smaller space. It is much easy to move away when it is not being used. Many models can be set at an appropriate angle in an area, or even in cabinets in a place where there is no chance that it could become a fall risk.

If we compare this to an electric standard wheelchair or mobility scooter are likely to be harder to put away. In most cases, you’ll have to store them in the entrance or in a hallway. For larger models, you might need to put them in an outdoor shed or put them in a secure place by locking them and using rain covers.

Advantage 2. It can be tucked away inside the trunk the car

One of the major issues that comes with larger wheelchairs and mobility scooters is transport. This is particularly the case in the event that you intend to travel via vehicle. The majority of mobility aids are too bulky or difficult to be able to accommodate into a car to transport.

A light electric wheelchair offers two advantages:

They are extremely simple to fold and fold. This means that they can change from a large-sized wheelchair to a compact and foldable one within a matter of minutes.
They are significantly lighter than other options. This means they are easy to lift into or out of your boot.

Since you can transport this type of wheelchair using a automobile, that it’s a far more adaptable device. It allows you to participate in various things that aren’t feasible if it was intended for only home use.

Benefit 3 – Very tiny turning circle

The turning circle on many electric folding wheelchairs is extremely tiny. This means that you can get access to a variety of places. Like:

Utilize it in your home
Smaller shops that have tighter isles
Manoeuvring along difficult, narrow pathways

This is a benefit that all wheelchairs have in comparison to mobility scooters. But, due to the design and layout of the wheels of folding electric chairs, this circle of turning is smaller. This makes them much more maneuverable than standard wheelchairs.

Advantage 4 – Great battery life

The battery life of a wheelchair is frequent concern for those considering purchasing a modern electric chair. The good thing is that light folding electric wheelchairs usually offer a long battery longevity. It typically ranges between 5 to 25 miles with a single charge.

The majority of people won’t use their wheelchairs over long distances. Therefore, even chairs on the low end of the range are adequate. The batteries are usually lithium ion, especially in recent models, and they charge quickly and have long life.

Advantage 5 – Great to travel with when you go on vacation

Similar to taking short journeys by car. A lot of people who have mobility issues require an option that can be used for a vacation away. This might involve flying in an airplane. This is the area where the majority of powered mobility aids do not meet the mark.

Some are too large to fit on a plane . Even in the event of it being feasible, the batteries they are using aren’t suitable for use in air travel.

A wheelchair with an electric motor which is lightweight and quickly folds is far better suited to this kind of travel. Additionally, most are equipped with batteries that are appropriate for travel on air. For wheelchairs that don’t have the airline-approved batteries that are standard it is possible to purchase the travel battery to be compatible with their own wheelchair.

Advantage 6 – Can be used through doorways of standard size

This benefit can be very helpful if you plan to make use of your wheelchair inside. There are many different door sizes available in the UK. The most commonly used door size for internal use measures 36 inches in width. The typical width for wheelchairs is typically between 21 to 25 inches. This will give you a lot of space so that the wheelchair can move through (between 6 and seven inches).

It is vital to remember that smaller sizes of doors are often used in cases where there is a limited space. The smaller internal doors typically range between 24 and 27 inches. The bigger of the two will fit in the majority of chairs, but you’ll have to be more cautious.

It is always recommended to measure the width of doors at your home prior to deciding to buy an additional wheelchair. Particularly if you plan to make use of it inside.

Advantage 7 – Allows the user a greater degree of freedom and autonomy

The other benefit is the freedom that comes with a light electric wheelchair. They let you do much more everyday life , and the majority of activities do not require the assistance of any other person.

Furthermore, as they’re light and small they are able to access almost any place that is accessible via the foot. This means that things that weren’t an option now are feasible.

In the end, they are very relatively low maintenance. They will require a few times of cleaning and it is recommended to be careful not to get they wet, however wheelchair maintenance isn’t something that’s extremely complicated or time-consuming.


As you can observe, there are many positive aspects for using a compact, lightweight electric wheelchair. The most significant one is undoubtedly the fresh start which can be derived from any mobility device. This is applicable to any mobility scooter or wheelchair.

While all mobility aids are able to provide you with greater freedom and independence. We believe the folding wheelchairs are more convenient can take this to the next step.