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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is among the most significant (and according to us, the most valuable!) investment you can make on planning your wedding. It’s therefore important to select the wedding photographer Scotland who’s work you enjoy now and will cherish in the years to come, and you believe is the perfect choice with you, your loved one and your wedding.

Along with a wedding film along with all the photos of course! Wedding photos can be one of the only items that you can keep as a reminder of your wedding day long after the confetti’s taken away and the last slice of wedding cake is eaten. Therefore, having your wedding day captured by the right photographer is crucial.

If you’re not a keen photographer for yourself, it’s difficult to judge photographers, determine the qualities that make a photographer outstanding and determine whether they’re the best choice to take pictures of you and your partner on your wedding day. To make it easier us, we’ve collected some of the most essential guidelines for choosing a wedding photographer.

1. Do Your Research

The first task on your list of tasks is to find wedding photographers in your region and look at their photos. We’ve created a list of photographers you can start with They’re all certified with their One Fab Day seal of approval, which means you can trust them to provide your wedding the care and care that it deserves!

In this stage you’ll begin to see the many different types of wedding photography are: fine art (dreamy and reminiscent of editorials from fashion magazines) and documentary (candid off-the-cuff) Traditional, contemporary and so on. If you’re viewing the photos of a photographer It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure what style you’re after, all you have to think about is do you enjoy the work they produce?

Do not just browse through the photos on their site, dive to their blog or gallery section and browse through complete weddings, or browse through your social media accounts. Be sure to look at the consistency of their posts, and not only the best images.
If there are specific photos that you value such as family portraits, dancing pictures or detail shots and so on. Make sure that you are satisfied with the way your photographer takes these kinds of photos. Keep in mind that some photographers do not post images of a group or family on their websites, but are happy to provide some examples!
It can be a challenge and it’s best to try to separate photographers’ work from weddings they photograph. If you are in love or disapproval of the dress or the location isn’t going to have an impact on your perception of the work of the photographer.
If you are aware that your location is dark, or you’re having your wedding in Winter take a look at similar weddings and find out how photographers have captured the weddings. It’s safe to say that you’ll be pleased with the photos you see!

Imagine yourself in the photos and imagine what you’d feel. Photographing yourself may be uncomfortable for certain individuals, so make sure you choose the photographer who’s style will ensure that you are as relaxed as is possible.
Even with all your efforts there are many elements of your wedding day will be outdated such as your outfits, hairstyle and, obviously, your photographs It’s all part of the excitement of looking back over old photographs. However, you should pick the style of photography that you’re sure to love in the years to come, and would be delighted to display on your walls at home. A lot of photographs look great on Instagram or wedding sites (ahem! ) However, it’s essential to take a picture that you’re proud to display and frame for your grandchildren one day!

2. Make a shortlist

Next step would be to get in touch with two wedding photographers whose work you truly enjoy – we suggest beginning by contacting two to three. First, you must consider two things: are they available for the day of your wedding and are they able to afford them?

How much will the cost of a wedding photographer? How long is an inch of string? Photographers typically don’t list the rates they charge on their websites However, don’t let that deter you. If you’re thinking of hiring their services, all you have to do is send them a message and request to see their rate list.

It is common to receive what you pay for in wedding photography. Every bride has different expectations, but this isn’t the time to make a sacrifice.
Consider wedding photography as an investment. The wedding could last for one day or even an entire long weekend but you’ll keep the photographs for all time. They’re likely to be displayed in the wall of your house, and you’ll come back to them when you’re nostalgic about the event, so it’s sensible to allocate the majority of your overall budget for photography. For the majority of couples, this typically ranges between 8 to 15% of the budget.
Don’t forget that you’re not paying for a photographer’s services on the dayof the wedding, but also for the time spent editing after your wedding together with their talents with years of experience, along with (extremely costly!) equipment.
The positive side is the fact that wedding photographers are that can meet your needs at any price and even expensive photographers will offer diverse packages to meet different price points.
If you’re trying to reduce costs instead of hiring an unprofessional photographer choose a top photographer to capture a part of your day. Keep in mind that there aren’t all wedding photographers that provide this type of service.
After you’ve received feedback from a couple of photographers, a clear front-runner will immediately appear. If you’re finding yourself going into the drawboard, repeat the process using another couple of photographers until you’ve got one clear winner.

3. Create an Rapport

A many couples don’t know until their wedding day how much time you are spending with your photographer. It’s nearly the same amount of time you spend with your spouse! Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that both of you love the photographer, they’re relaxed or jovial (or both! ) And that they make you feel comfortable.

Make sure to meet your photographer in person prior to the wedding, if you can to help you establish a relationship. If you are located outside of the country or are unable to get together in person you can make the option of a Facetime, Zoom or Skype phone call. It’s awkward for a second but totally worth it.
In your conversation with your photographer, be sure to give them plenty of details about the mood and style that you want to convey in your photo. This will help everyone have a better idea of whether it’s the right match.
It’s also an excellent occasion to inquire from your photographer about their background and what they enjoy about how they prefer to spend their time during the day. For instance are they able to take group shots and portraits at once, or do they work in short intervals?

It is important to know that specific pictures need time to complete – the amazing drone shots or the stunning golden hour portraits for instance may take time to get. Couples who are content to take two hours to complete their photos, while others prefer spending the time enjoying their guests. Find out from your photographer how much time they would like to devote to portraits. Although the most talented photographers can be flexible, their answers must be in line with your expectations for the day.
A wedding shoot is an idea that is relatively new however it is an ideal way to calm any anxieties or fears about getting ready for the big day.
Be aware that a great wedding photographer is relaxed and confident. They’re adept at putting your mind at ease, keep the event moving along and manage an event with professionalism and humor, no matter if it’s a photo shoot with 20 college friends or your auntie that constantly tries to get her iPad out of the way of your photo!

4. Deliberate the details of the contract

After you’ve covered all of the necessary points previously, you’re nearly ready to hire your photographer. At this point you’ll need to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the conditions of your contract and are clear about what’s included in the deal.

If you’re looking over what’s in the package, keep an eye out for the amount of digital images that you’ll get and whether you’ll need pay an extra fee to get the images with no watermarks.
Get a quote for photos and prints because the prices and quality differ from photographer to photographer. It’s not something that most couples consider until after the wedding ceremony, however, it’s worthwhile to explore the options earlier throughout the process.
If you’re including additional services such as an engagement session or secondary photographer (a second photographer who helps in the photography of photographs of the wedding) in the package, this must be noted within the agreement.
Discuss with your photographer the amount of time you’ll be paying for. Some take off at dinner, whereas others leave after the first dance.

The contract should also address items like the photographer’s lunch during the wedding (don’t forget to inquire about any dietary restrictions to be communicated to the caterer or venue) as well as the expense of the travel. This is crucial for weddings with a destination.
Certain photographers may request an outline of the photos required from the couple. Other photographers are likely to have their own tried and tested list they use to work from. If you’re supplying an itemized list, then at this point you need to establish a date to when they’ll will require it.
Find out about the payment schedule How much is the deposit and when will the balance need to be paid?
Ask your photographer about what is the procedure in case they’re sick or not able to be at work for the date of the event. This happens, at some point!
Find out what time it will take to receive your photos. Photographers should provide an estimation.