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Check Out Essentials New Launch

Jerry Lorenzo’s Essentials spring 2023 collection almost was sold out on its website launch Wednesday. However, those who are eager to purchase the sought-after clothes have hope because the collection is now available at global retailers on today.

The father and husband of three kids enlisted his family to take part in the new Essentials Look Book. It’s the first time that Essentials offers a collection for children. There have been many memorable campaigns in the past such as using his grandmother’s sofa to shoot Fear of God’s fifth collection, and inviting the rock actor Jared Leto for an ethereal sixth collection campaign. However, on Instagram the brand’s Instagram account, he referred to this most recent shoot “my most memorable lookbook to date.”

“The basis to Fear of God has always been a solution-oriented approach, which includes an updated wardrobe for all and everything from tailoring options to lounge choices for your home throughout the journey,” Lorenzo said to The Times via email. “As I age, with kids and an extended family, so do my circle of friends and it was an obvious progression for us to offer these innovative solutions for our needs.”

The son of Major League director Jerry Manuel and having had dreams of playing baseball , his inspirations take a lot of inspiration from the game. Seventh collection of Fear of God pays tribute to Negro Leagues and Lorenzo’s family connections to the sport that is so popular.

“We were able to really go down the deep hole of the narrative around these graphics that is that really speak to the history of America,” Lorenzo told The Times in September “and is also celebrating the real origins of my identity as an individual and my legacy and being part that is part of the generation 2 of The Negro Leagues and just trying to keep it as truthful as is possible.”

Lorenzo created the brand of luxury Fear of God in 2013 and later added the more accessible Essentials in the year 2018 following an initial stint in F.O.G., a diffusion brand that didn’t match the concept of the kind of brand he wanted his company to be. Essentials is now the main most profitable line for Lorenzo. The brand was recently expanded to include Fear of God Athletics as the third foundation of his brand following the signing of a partnership in December with Adidas on December 1st.

Concept 013 The Fear of God will include pieces from the label’s 7th collection Essentials New Era hats and footwear. Additionally, there will special capsules exclusively designed for Fear of God and Essentials with jackets, pants, the Essentials tracksuit and caps. Prices start at $40 for an adult’s Essentials T-shirt up to $2,995 to purchase the Fear of God leather jacket.

New Concepts Sam Lobban said that Lorenzo’s job as a storyteller and the vision for his brand was precisely things was the New Concepts project, which has also collaborated together with union’s Chris Gibbs, represents.

“[Lorenzo’sdesign perspective across price points and making it accessible and without compromise, is something Jerry speaks about and I find it really fascinating to see how the designer is capable of doing that,” Lobban said to The Times, “and that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve in the rooms themselves.”

The family on the Concept 013: Fear of God campaign is Erik Ian Schaetzke, a LA-based creative who has produced several ads for Lorenzo and his wife who owns the juice bar Their three sons.

“His family is really the ideal Los Angeles family that defies the 9-5 American Dream and shows that it is possible to have a family and also have goals that are not part of the boundaries of the system,” Lorenzo said. “Something about this was extremely meaningful for me. I thought he had done a an amazing job of intentionally planning his life around it, therefore they’re the ideal family to collaborate with.”

Fear of God hosted the Atmosphere retail event in 2019 to sell clothes from its sixth collection as well as the infamous Nike Air Fear of God 1 sneaker. Lorenzo also offered an Essentials collection, which was sold jointly launched together with Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Clothing.

“I would like to believe that the brand will get better when you get familiar with it, whether it’s a customer looking at the campaign’s image, buying a blazer , touching it the garment in the first place and finding little specifics about it for the first time, and then putting it on for the first time they had before, and the affection for the piece gets bigger,” Lorenzo said. “The experience that is immersive are an additional layer over the experience that connects our customers closer to the brand and places them in a setting that is entirely built around the story we want to tell.

“So often, we’ve have sent our work to our retailers, and they are incredibly grateful to relay our stories for us, however often it’s difficult for us to present the narrative in the way we’d like to tell it. This is why, whether it’s an ambience or retail space these spaces offer us an opportunity to fully take our customers into our entire vision regardless of how digital our world gets this kind of experience is crucial to us.”