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All About Back Dimple Piercing

Back dermal piercing has become a fashion that has gained popularity over the decades. The piercing of the depression that forms in the lower back highlights the back and makes it look attractive. Social Media is also booming because of the “Dermals of Venus” trend as well as the latest fashions regarding jewelry, clothes and tattoos that add glamour to their Piercings.

Dermals like Venus represent beauty, luck, and sexuality. Venus, the goddess of beauty in Roman Mythology was named Venus and therefore these indentations on lower backs are known in honor of the Goddess. The Latin term for dermals is “fossae Lumbales Laterals” which means “lateral indentations lumbar”. The term “Venus Dermals” is recognized in the surgical and medical world too and is mentioned in the book as such.

What exactly is What is Dermal Piercing?

It’s a form of piercing that is done to the women’s lower back right above the hip area. The tiny dermals, similar to concave depressions are a great spot to pierce and show off body jewelry. Dermal skin serves as an anchor to hang the piercing onto. Women may choose to pierce this way to highlight their natural shape. A low-waisted skirt or jeans can highlight the back dermals studded with stones. While piercings have been in use since the beginning of time, the trend of piercing the back of your dermals is a Westernized concept gradually gaining ground in the current style. Piercings may be seen as a way to express and freedom, or rebellion in the modern world.

The history of Piercing throughout the world

The first evidence of piercing that has been discovered by humanity is an engraved stone relief of a person living in Nimrud, Iraq with a perforated ears. The date was given to be around the 9th century. The nostril piercing could be traced to around 1500 BC. In Egypt it was evident of naval piercings, which was used by royal families to puncture their navels, and were seen wearing Gold ornaments on them.

The piercings symbolized of respect, power, fierceness toward adversaries, attractiveness ratings, etc. Warriors from the Solomon Islands used to get their septums pierced. Tusks were inserted into the septum to make them appear more intimidating to adversaries. In a variety of Native American cultures, piercing was considered a sacred act to mark the time of Sun Dance or other auspicious ceremonies to signify the power of their God.

Here are some tips to consider prior to deciding on back dermal perforation.

You should be aware of these things prior to having back dermals pierced

The wardrobe is the most important thing to consider during an back dermal puncturing. It is advised to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing, jeans or any other item which the piercing might become stuck to and cause discomfort. Therefore, make sure that you wear loose, fitted clothing to wear while healing.
The piercing may be fresh, touching or rubbing or clothing can cause wounds irritated and red. they are placed in the rear of someone could be a nightmare to manage. It is best to let someone else take care of the wounds on your behalf.
If you’re an insomniac, you must be aware of sleeping with this perforation. If you sleep on your back, it could cause pain and even complications to the wounds.
Sitting may also trigger an issue when the piercings still healing. Therefore, proper treatment is required and the wounds need to be routinely cleaned.
Be sure to have the time to visit the doctor for regular check-ups and make sure that the dermals do not have any infection and healing properly.

It is always recommended to have your tattoos done by a licensed tattooist or a doctor who is certified, however most people are interested in how this procedure gets carried out.

These are steps for the back dermal procedure perforation.

Back dermals are piercing processes that involve back

The first step in this entire process is selecting the right tattoo studio or a doctor that is certified to complete the task efficiently.
You and your physician are cleaned and sanitized. Wash your hands with antibacterial handwash.
The solution for saline preparation is made and ready for use after the piercing has been completed.
The most important thing to do is tell the doctor or specialist precisely where you would like your piercings placed and ensure they’re positioned in the proper place.
The specialist should have employed an anti-bacterial cream or sanitizer for cleaning the area prior to the start of the process.
A clamp can be used to tighten the skin around the site for an easy piercing.
Be sure that the doctor is using a sterilized needles during the procedure. Sometimes, a dermal tool is used in this procedure. Dermal punches are a round, sharp tool like the cookie cutter. It when applied to the skin, cut an arc of it off. Because the dermal punch cuts off the skin’s surface it is still at a risk of chance of bleeding, and for those suffering from hemophilia, a dermal tools may not be suitable to the condition.
The piercing jewellery of your choice is put in right after the needle.

The pain could be a major problem for those who are trying to pierce for the first time. It can cause a significant amount of pain for those who aren’t used to piercing, and the pain and numbness could last for several days. Dermals that are red and a swollen , tender feeling can last for several days following. If the proper care isn’t followed, more problems and pain could occur from the infection.

Healing-The wounds could take up to 3 months to fully heal. A speedy healing depends on the amount of time and commitment you commit to the piercing. Also, make sure to stay away from harm.

Post Pierce Care

If not properly taken care of the wounds could cause numerous complications, including permanent wounds. Remember that piercings must be maintained all through your life in order to remain infection and bacterial free. Also, you must maintain the piercings correctly to prevent injury to your muscles and nerves.

One of the most important points to keep in mind is to not apply pressure to the region with your fingers without washing them. Hands that are not cleaned can cause infection to the wounds.
After the entire healing process has been completed the piercings are removed and cleaned using lukewarm water and cotton.
The dermal areas are able to be dried using paper towels.
It is important to avoid applying any lotion, cream, or other medication on dermald spots.
Avoid wearing tight-fitting jeans and tightly fitted clothing so that the piercings don’t catch in the clothing and removed. The loose fitting clothing provides adequate airflow for wounds to dry more quickly.
It is recommended to avoid lying on the back in order to avoid discomfort and complications.
Regularly check-ups with your physician or specialist for better understanding of the healing process and care.


One of the most difficult issues when it comes to taking care of your dermal pierce in the back is the place. Because of its position at the back it is essential to clean the area correctly. may prove to be difficult. There is also a significant possibility of the infection spreading to the region, causing swelling and redness, and the discharge of pus. Inadequate or adequate care could result in significant wounds. The cause of infection could be because of the quality of the piercing utilized. Therefore, ensure that you purchase piercings made of stainless steel that are certified.

However, not all women have the same body kind. Some are more slim than others, while some have better health. Some may not have obvious Venus Dermals that are visible on the lower part of their backs. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t cut their lower backs for an updated style.

Different types of piercings and jewelries

Other than sermal piercings, there are two additional kinds of piercings that can be done on the lower back dermals.

Micro dermal Back Dermal Piercing In this piercingprocedure, implant implants that are micro-sized are placed where a small gemstone is placed , which stops the piercing from being caught in the clothing. Single point piercings can be a viable alternative to regular piercings to prevent the complication with clothes encountered by regular dermal piercings.
Double lower back piercing This is for brave ones who are able to endure the extreme discomfort. Because the piercing procedure is performed two times, double the attention is required for healing to go smoothly. However, if you’re who is interested in back dermal incisions and are able to endure massive amounts of pain , then you should be sure to try this double piercing.

The jewelry used for piercings differs in the price and the style. You can choose a plain stone or opt for diamond studs if you want to spend just a bit. Be sure to ensure that the stud’s base is stainless steel, and seek advice from a professional to purchase the most appropriate certified piercing to your appearance.

Back Dermal Tattoos and Piercings

Some people can be more creative with their piercings by adding an image on their lower back. Some with tattooed backs already use tattoos to bring it up. Tattoos that range from Roses and sermal art designs, or even a sermal phrase are usually accompanied by the use of a stone to highlight the dermals of their backs that have been pierced. If you’re one of those creative individuals who are willing to experiment with tattoos on your body, explore a tattoo that will highlight your back’s dermal.

It is important to avoid getting a tattoo as soon as you have pierced. After waiting at least a time for the healing process heal before attempting to have a tattoo placed on the areas around the punctures. If you’ve never had experience of having a tattoo or having one, you must first apply a tattoo to the area that is least sensitive on your body. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the needle and the pricking sensation.

If you’re still not sure about getting a piercing below are some Pros as well as Cons of back Dermal Piercings for you The following are the pros and cons of back dermal piercings:


After the piercings have healed it’s fairly easy to remove the piece of jewelry.
This is a highly specialized process performed by certified professionals therefore you can be sure that they’ll be very cautious during the process.
It is possible that you have had the piercing out of a sudden and then be tempted to change your mind. Don’t worry the piercings are sermal to get rid of.
It can naturally add look of elegance to your figure and enhance your back. It is also a great choice for the latest trends in social media.
There are a variety of methods for having this piercing done and you may also choose more bolder appearance by double piercings as well.
The males can also get these piercings also, and can be seen as an accessory to fashion.


One of the most important issues is clothing. The clothing you wear can be caught in the piercing and cause it to tear.
The friction caused by clothing could cause irritation, redness and irritation and. Some clothing items can cause an infection.
It is essential to be aware of your tattoos for the rest of your life. The aftercare of piercings doesn’t just refer to the time until healing. Because it’s an dermal pierce, the jewelry that is used must be cleaned every once in a time, and it is important to ensure you don’t use any chemical that is harsh and can harm the wound.
Because it’s at the back, you might not be in a position to reach the piercing with ease for applying medications or clean. For those who live alone, it can be issues with cleaning and hygiene when they are unable to reach the dermal portion.
The sleep cycle of your body can be impaired and drastic changes to your sleep position could impact your sleep. If you’re sleeping on your back You may need to alter the position you sleep in due to the piercings in your lower back could cause pain due to body’s pressure.
The pain could also be an element. Certain people have a an inability to tolerate pain and this kind of piercing could cause a lot of pain.
If you’re not able to properly take care of your dermals on your back They could get infected , causing health problems.
Incorrect piercings could cause massive bleeding.
A lot of pulling and rubbing could result in the skin being pierced to move or even close.
It is essential to see a doctor each and every so often to avoid problems and if you’re a professional and have to schedule appointments, this could be a problem.

Back dermal piercings come with numerous pros and cons. It is your decision to be your personal style. However, make sure you seek the advice of a qualified doctor before making any commitment concerning piercings.