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What Is The Law On Housing Disrepair?

Many are unaware of their rights as they rent, and what landlords are expected to perform by law in relation to living standards in the housing market.

It is essential to know what your legal rights are as tenants and understand you aren’t obliged to put up living in a rental property in need of repair or is in disrepair and has remain in that state for a while.

If you’re renting an apartment and your landlord is unable to take necessary steps to rectify the issue within some reasonable time, you could be able to claim the compensation for damage to your housing.

What’s the cause of housing damage?

Housing disrepair typically refers to an apartment or property rented to tenants that needs to be repaired and is deemed unsuitable for tenants to live in .

What is a housing disrepair Claim?

This is an action for compensation tenants make against their landlord after the landlord has not been able to correct the issues with the property or fix the issue.

If your landlord has been informed of the problem and given ample time to complete the needed repairs, but they haven’t, filing a claim is the right thing to make. The fact is living in a home which is in disrepair or needs to be repaired can be detrimental to your health, or put your life at risk and that’s why it’s crucial to file an application for a claim against the landlord in the event that this is the case.

Examples of Housing Repair Claims

If a landlord fails to repair the damage or take any action should the property become in disrepair, the tenant has the right to pursue legal action and submit an action for the compensation.

Common causes of home disrepair assertions include:

Structural problems
Vermin and pest problems
Damp and mould
Aucune central heating system or malfunctioning central heating system
Leaks of water or gas
Broken windows, doors or gates

What is the law regarding Housing Disrepair?

The landlord is responsible for repairing any damages or defects to the rental property within a reasonable period of time and legally obligated to keep the property’s structure to a high standard. This is applicable to all landlords, regardless of whether they are social or private landlords in housing.

In accordance with the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, landlords must fulfill many obligations and responsibilities to the tenant. This is applicable to all tenancies entered into post 1961. This is the case regardless of regardless of whether you have a lease agreement or not.

For a reference as a guideline, landlords should make sure that the property is:

Conforms to fire safety regulations
It has a functioning, well-maintained central heating system as well as wires
Has adequate security
Does not contain damp or mould.
Internally, it is maintained in good condition, which includes electricity, gas as well as water and sanitation systems.
It has a clean and well-maintained roof
Externally, it is in good order

Do You Have The Right To Make A Home Repair Claim?

If you are able to prove that the damage was preventable and the damage could have been avoided then you might be able to file a claim.

You must prove that the landlord knew about the state of your property whether it was because you had notified them in a series of letters, or your landlord ought to have been aware that the property was in need of repairs and maintenance. In addition, you have to show that your landlord knew about the issue and didn’t take action to fix the issue and failed to fulfill their legal obligations to you as a tenant.

Do these two things and you’ll likely be able to file an claim for housing repair settlement.

Do You Have a Right to Make a Claim Against Your Landlord?

Typically in the UK housing claims for repair are brought against landlords because the responsibility usually falls on them. However, sometimes the burden of proof is on the person who manages the property, such as an estate management company or leasing agency , which means that your compensation claim could be made against the company and against the landlord, in this instance.

What Notice Do You Need to Leave Your Landlord?

It is essential to notify your landlord by text message, email in person or by mail minimum 21 calendar days prior to filing a claim for a housing repair.

We recommend that you inform your landlord via text or email because both methods give you proof on the day and the time that you have notified your landlord.

If your landlord does not respond to your notice it is your responsibility to give them a reasonable amount time to finish the necessary repairs. If they don’t make the repairs within an acceptable time period and you are unable to make repairs, you can file an claim for compensation.

What can housing disrepair solicitors do?

A lawyer for housing repairs will collect and evaluate evidence prior to consulting with doctors and expert building inspectors to determine the scope of liability as well as the amount of compensation you could be due. Your solicitor will be able to represent you and assist you throughout the claim process to ensure the most favorable possible result in your case.

For a reference the housing disrepair solicitors collect and evaluate:

Physical evidence like photos of the damage
Texts and emails that contain messages to the landlord
Other tenants’ information
The property it self

What Compensation Can You Claim What Can You Claim Compensation

Each housing disrepair claim is unique and evaluated according to an individual case. The amount you’re entitled to be based on the circumstances and whether the condition of the home has resulted in health or health issues, and has led to medical bills and suffering.

Compensation claims for damage to a home can include:

Health or personal injury
Personal suffering
The damage to property

What is the maximum amount you can claim Restitution?

It is based on the seriousness of the issues you’ve encountered and how they affected you, in addition to other factors, such as the date on which you first informed your landlord as well as any evidence that you can provide to prove your case against your landlord.

How we can help you make A Housing Repair Claim

If you’ve been hurt because your landlord did not meet their legal obligation to make repairs or correct problems with your property, you may want to consider seeking the compensation.

Our residential disrepair solicitors have the expertise and a friendly approach to ensure that you’ll be supported every step of the process. We’ll guide you through the claim process, keeping the stress to a minimum, and ensure you get the money you deserve.