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Steps to Qualify for a Golden Visa in Spain as an Investor or Entrepreneur

The Golden Visa Spain programme grants non-EU nationals the right to live in Spain in exchange for making investments there. It is now among the most often used golden visas among foreign investors. The Golden Visa Spain, its conditions, and how to be eligible for one will all be covered in this post.

Non-EU nationals can stay, study, and work in Spain for up to two years with the help of the Golden Visa. Since its 2013 debut, the programme has grown in popularity among investors. The investors can get a residence permit and benefit from residing in Spain by making an investment in Spanish real estate.

The conditions for acquiring a Golden Visa in Spain are as follows:

Real estate investment Making a sizeable real estate investment in Spain is the primary criteria for receiving a Golden Visa. The needed minimum investment is €500,000, and it may only be used to purchase one house. More than €500,000 in investment can be split across many homes.

Various Investments Along with real estate, you can also invest in Spanish stocks, shares, and bonds to qualify for a Golden Visa. For these investments, a minimum commitment of €1,000,000 is required.

Entrepreneurship If you are a businessperson, you may invest in a Spanish company and give Spanish individuals job chances. In order to start a new business in Spain, you must invest at least €100,000.

Account deposits You can also be granted a Golden Visa if you deposit €1,000,000 in a Spanish bank account.

Other Initiatives Participating in scientific research, cultural pursuits, or athletic endeavours in Spain can also help you become eligible for a Golden Visa.

Let’s discuss how to get eligible for the Golden Visa Spain now:

Documentation In order to be eligible for a Golden Visa in Spain, you must first compile the required paperwork. You will require a current passport, a background check, and investment documentation. All of these papers must be translated into Spanish by a certified translation.

Investment Making the investment is the next step after having all the required paperwork. One of the methods mentioned above can be used to make the investment. Make sure the investment satisfies the minimal standards established by the Spanish government.

Request a Golden Visa You can then submit an application for the Golden Visa after making the investment. You can complete this in person in Spain or at the Spanish embassy in your nation. An application form must be completed, and there is a charge. The current Golden Visa cost is €60.

Delay processing You will have to wait while your application is processed once you submit it. It can take three months to complete the processes. When your application is accepted, you will be given a two-year resident visa. If you continue to invest in Spain, you can renew this authorization every two years.

The Golden Visa Spain programme, in conclusion, aims to entice international investors to the nation. Numerous advantages are available, including the possibility to seek for permanent residency after five years, residency permits, and the freedom to work and move in the European Union. You must fulfil the investment criteria, compile the required paperwork, and submit an application to be eligible for the visa. It is advised to have legal counsel before making any financial decisions if investing in Spain and applying for a Golden Visa are your goals.