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Vaser lipo – everything you need to know

The fight to shed the excess weight and attain a figure that you are happy with could be difficult when you’re struggling against genetics, age, and stubborn fat pockets. If you’re struggling and feel that you’ve exhausted every avenue of fitness and diet, then you might be thinking about the possibility of liposuction.

What exactly is Vaser liposuction?

It is becoming increasingly popular. Vaser liposuction is a procedure performed using ultrasound that can remove excess fat in areas like the neck upper arms, lower and upper backs as well as the abdomen, thighs, the buttocks, hips and. It is a popular procedure to eliminate the love handles and is more focused on contouring the body than a typical weight loss process.


It’s normal to be concerned or nervous regarding having surgery. It is understandable that your fears could not begin to manifest until you’re in the chair, waiting for your procedure start even for simple procedures. Don’t worry. This is the time when the surgeon and his staff become their own and redefine what the term “patient care” refers to. They are highly skilled and is there to assist you every step of the way.

Vaser usually involves only the smallest amount of removal of fat, therefore it’s almost always done under local anaesthetic. you’ll remain awake throughout the process.

Because of the numbing effect of local anaesthetics there won’t be any pain or discomfort.

The Vaser treatment for liposuction

Your surgeon will make several tiny incisions that allow him to inject the specially prepared with diluted and local anaesthetic, as well as an adrenaline solution. It is then absorbed into the fat tissue, then a needle is placed inside the body (different kinds of probes are used for various body parts, each specifically designed to move through the body without difficulty) that releases ultrasound energy which melts the fat. It “dilutes” tissues that are fat, and also acts as a conduit by which the ultrasound targets only the fat cells.

While the probe travels through the tissue that has been anaesthetic soaked Ultrasonic energy is released from the top, while the surgical surgeon moves the probe gently across the area of the body that is being treated. The ultrasound transmits energy to the water molecules within the solution, which trigger them to move with a high frequency. This causes the immediate breaking up of fat cells, and the creation in a consistent layer the so-called mass emulsion.

Following the ultrasonic emulsification process of fat, a different instrument (or as we say the cannula) is inserted into the same cuts along the skin. using a vacuum pump the surgeon is able to “suck” the fat, without the requirement to cut the fat tissue.

Vaser’s ultrasound capabilities guarantee complete fragmentation of fat cells which leaves blood vessels, capillaries collagen, and nerves within the tissue completely intact.

When the incisions are closed, they are covered with dressings or small, dissolveable stitches. This means that postoperative trauma, pain bruises, and other complications are greatly reduced when compared to the traditional method of liposuction.

The process of removing the skin and adjusting it to the new shape of the muscle is faster and more effective than at any other time in the history of the field of liposuction.

Post-treatment care

The benefit of having the absence of a general anaesthetic is that you are able to go home that next day. The procedure is so simple it will be on your treadmill within a matter of minutes.

After surgery, you’ll be wearing an elastic bandage to reduce swelling and assist in making the skin stick to the newly-formed the muscle layer, which is now visible without the “fat pillows”. You’ll be transported to a comfy area within our special surgery, where you can relax with tea and biscuits until you’re able to return home.

How long will I stay in bandages?

Vaser liposuction needs very little healing time, and requires no bandages. Although the duration varies based on the kind and size of the procedure, for the majority of people , it takes about seven days before they can return to normal (no lifting weights but, it could take a bit longer).

When the initial period of postoperative recovery has passed, you’ll be able to take pleasure in your new shape; the result is immediate, even if it takes several days for swelling to subside and wounds to heal. After a few months, you’ll notice the changes visible and there will be no longer love handles or a more attractive rear end. You’ll quickly find yourself in the love with your body once more.

Is Vaser liposuction safe?

The safety of liposuction has increased dramatically in the past few times, and with techniques such as Tumescent Technique, also known as Microlipo and Vaser it was never a more secure moment to undergo a procedure.

The recovery process is largely dependent on the person, and may vary depending on the severity of bruising and soreness as we are all unique, with some are more sensitive skin or a greater propensity to bruises than others.

Vaser Vaser there aren’t big incisions and there isn’t any impact on the muscle or any other tissues, which means that the recovery time is quick in many instances. It’s true that Vaser patients have less discomfort, pain as well as swelling and bruising after the procedure than patients who undergo traditional lipo because of the sophisticated techniques used.

What is the reason Vaser liposuction so popular?

Most of the time the reason for its popularity is due to the numerous positive benefits the ultrasound technology can bring to liposuction, the speedy recovery being only one.

There’s less requirement for painkillers, blood loss is low, if any and there is no need for repeat treatments because it is an invasive procedure for contouring. It is safe and reliable, and due to its sharpness of the incisive, it can be very precise. All of this makes it less stressful on your body, and making you feel less exhausted.

Another unique feature of Vaser is that the fat deposits can be used to inject into other areas in the body like the breasts or buttocks.

Are I a suitable candidate in the field of Vaser liposuction?

Vaser is a great option for people seeking better muscle definition as well as body shaping, as well as anyone looking to sculpt rather than huge amounts of fat eliminated. The ideal Vaser liposuction candidate is one in good health overall seeking the least invasive option to rid themselves of large pockets of fat. Since weight loss is able to be recovered following the procedure, it is more targeted towards people who are healthy and fit and who exercise regularly.

Are there various types of Vaser liposuction?

There are several different kinds of Vaser liposuctionsuctionthat can assist a patient based on their specific requirements. The most well-known, primary Vaser liposuction is targeted at fat-laden hard-to-reach regions of the body. These include classics like love handles and “bingo wings” and extra skin around the bra line or the flanks that are seen on a lot of female patients. It’s also a common procedure for males who wish to reduce chest fat, also known as moobs. This is known as gynecomastia surgeries.

Vaser Hi-Def is targeted at both superficial and deep fat cells that are found in muscles. This is the toning effect of Vaser instead of an approach to losing fat.

There’s also a product known as Vaser 4D, similar to Vaser Hi-Def, which works effectively with existing muscles providing an empathetic definition to the areas being that are being treated. Vaser 4D is typically used in treating the abdominal area to increase appearance (think the six-pack).

What are the dangers of Vaser liposuction?

Vaser is an minimally invasive procedure because the risk of physical injury of connective tissue, nerves , and blood vessels are so minor that it’s almost invisible. Like all surgical procedures, it is not without risk, however it is considerably less risky and risky than conventional liposuction. The most commonly reported and unpleasant adverse effects are swelling as well as post-operative discomfort However, in the skilled and skilled surgical hands of your surgeon, the risks are significantly reduced. Surgeons who aren’t certified or experienced have the chance of not knowing the right amount of tumescent fluid they should use that could cause damage to the lungs. There are always burning concerns associated with the ultrasonic probe in the event that it isn’t utilized in the right way.

Are Vaser liposuction more effective than regular lipo?

Vaser liposuction can be a less invasive procedure that requires minimal invasive. The time required to heal is much shorter than traditional liposuction, and it will result in less bleeding and swelling, as well as pain and discomfort.

Does Vaser liposuction actually works?

The most effective results are observed after 6 months, after the skin has tightened However, you will begin to see improvement within a couple of months, after the inflammation has diminished and a lot of people see immediate improvement after their VASER liposuction treatment.

But, you are able to gain weight and for the result to last, you must strive to lead an active and healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and exercising.

How many pounds of fat can be removed by Vaser liposuction?

It’s dependent on how much fat you’ve got as well as the area you’re dealing with, however we usually suggest no more than 3-5 4 gallons or 5% from your weight to be eliminated in one session. If you have more fat to be removed , we recommend to perform it in distinct processes.

What is the length of time I need for wearing a compression suit to follow Vaser Lipo?

It should be worn for at least four to six weeks after the procedure to ensure that the area has enough healing time and adjust to its new form.

Do I have to remove my compression clothing at the night?

You should not wear your compression clothing all day long even when you go to your bed in the initial few weeks.

Do compression garments help tighten skin?

The compression garments don’t help in skin tightening. The process of tightening the skin is inherent in the texture and texture of the skin, and varies from one person to another and (body) region to area.

Can I shower after Vaser liposuction?

You are able to shower for up to at any time after treatment, but you should not shower or bathe until the wounds are dry and been completely healed. It usually takes about two weeks following your treatment.