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Advantages of Private ADHD Assessments

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobiological disorder that manifests as constant distraction or impulsivity as well as hyperactivity. For adulthood, ADHD affects the functioning of complex mental processes , such as motivation, concentration working memory, problem-solving and sustained focus, making daily life difficult.

There is typically a lengthy waitlist for ADHD assessment through the NHS especially for children. This is one of the main reasons it’s not recognized until an adult. But it shouldn’t be a reason to avoid seeking treatment and you must still seek an appointment with your GP However, if find it difficult to wait you can visit private medical clinics which provide an assessment and treatment plan. There are obviously pros and cons and we’ll discuss them throughout.

This is what you’d expect at a private ADHD assessment London

It all starts with believing you might have ADHD and then contacting a doctor for an assessment. Once you have inquired, you will be given screening questionnaires to determine whether you have a significant quantity of ADHD symptoms. The questionnaire is also included that must be completed by a family member who is close to you. The screenings are typically given to the doctor for review and approval however there are standard interpretations of scores that are available. It is vital to understand that these tests are not diagnostic, and a diagnosis may only be made at the time of an appointment with a physician. If you do not return these forms, appointments cannot be scheduled. Also, you are required to submit an GP recommendation if you do not done so already.

There is a fee associated with Adult ADHD assessments. The cost is disclosed prior to making an appointment. This is due to a variety of reasons. If someone finds themselves diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication the treatment is first administered in private and not via the NHS. This is the case until the patient is stable on their medication , and after that, they may be returned to their GP however a shared-care agreement between the GP the patient and the consultant psychiatrists is usually negotiated and signed as follow-up visits are required.

The medication itself is one expense, but the most obvious cost is the appointments. Patients could have anywhere from two and three appointment (possibly greater). These appointments comprise the initial ADHD examination by a psychiatrist consultant and, if the patient is diagnosed and prescribed medication an at-least one additional follow-up visit to check how the medication is performing. If the patient is stable, they are referred to their GP and medications may be prescribed by them.

One of the benefits of getting an in-depth private Adult ADHD assessment is that you’ll be provided with an individualized package that will allow you to undergo a thorough assessment with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. This is accompanied by various screenings, the right treatment, which includes medication as well as psychological interventions, and assistance that focuses on making lifestyle adjustments to help your development. The combination of all these can transform the lives of people who struggle with ADHD.