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Why send your child to Dance and Musical Theatre Lessons?

A musical theater is type of performing that incorporates dancing, singing and drama. We regularly offer musical theatre classes for schools. The musical theatre classes we offer always delight students every time. And now, we’ve got more exciting news! The advantages of workshops in musical theatre are endless, which means you, your kid or yourself, could reap huge advantages to your confidence, problem solving capabilities, and creativity! Find out five advantages of a musical theatre dance workshop.

1. Increased self-confidence

In the beginning, musical theatre workshops can force students to step outside of their comfort zone. Being before the entire class could make students come from their shells and thereby increasing their self-confidence. In addition, they may discover an undiscovered talent in performing, drama, or dance that they did not know existed. Additionally, getting over initial anxiety and enjoying the experience will give them the confidence to attempt new things they had initially hesitant about.

2. Problem solving skills

Drama students are expected to convey the who and when, what, where, and the purpose of a play. Improvisation helps develop rapid thinking and problem-solving skills and also allows students to be imaginative and think outside of the box. This is a way to create a new way for students to be communicate their ideas. The quick thinking and creative skills help students become more adaptable later in life.

3. Trust and teamwork

Students are expected to collaborate as a group during our theatre workshops. The social interactions and the risks involved in theatre develop confidence in oneself, others and the entire process. The group work can foster friendships and build teamwork as an component of the workshops.

4. Social Awareness

Poetry, legends, myths as well as stories and plays that are used in drama classes teach students about conflicts and social issues from different cultures, both past and present, and throughout the globe. Students are taught the background of the piece or scene they are performing, while in the process learning about society and its cultural context. In the act of performing scenes from various contexts, times and cultures fosters empathy and respect for all people.

5. Fun

Students always have fun at our workshops in musical theatre Sometimes, they even they continue to pursue their studies in the musical theatre on their own. Fun and having fun is the primary goal of our workshops which improves the motivation of students at school and decreases stress.

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