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Understanding Wedding Car Hire

When planning your transportation to your wedding There are a lot of things to consider. Along with choosing a wedding car rental service that is in line with your preferences and style, you’ll need to make sure that you’re hiring a reputable company so that you’re sure you’ll arrive at the wedding on time.

If you’re considering hiring wedding cars in Cardiff, and are feeling lost, don’t fret We’ve got you covered. We’ve talked to wedding car rental experts and have answered the most frequent concerns couples face and you’ll have no difficulty finding the perfect vehicle.

How many vehicles should we use to celebrate our wedding?

The amount of cars you’ll require will depend on how large the wedding reception will be. The minimum requirement is one car, that will transport the bride’s father and her bridesmaids to their wedding ceremony. In the event that you want to adhere to a budget, then all the guests can travel by taxi However, you could require up to three vehicles based what size the party and whether the groom also gets the same car.

After the ceremony, a vehicle will be required to take the couple to the reception location (if there isn’t an alternative venue for the reception and you don’t have a separate reception venue, check out the below!) So you’ll have to plan the logistics of getting your bridal group, their parents, and groomsmen will travel on the way to reception.

Who is traveling with whom?

The bridesmaids, along with the mom of the bride go together with the bride and the father of the bride in separate cars. You might also organize a vehicle for the groom as well as the bridal party to the wedding ceremony as well. As with every wedding ceremony there are no set rules , and you need to take the best option for your wedding day!

What is the duration we can get to use the vehicle?

A majority of good suppliers will allow you to use the vehicle for the duration you require it. Make sure you choose a company that will offer their vehicles for just one wedding day, so that you can enjoy your wedding without worrying about any deadlines. Consider this to be one of the most important questions you ask when you make inquiries with wedding car rental companies.

Can we rent a car for our reception and ceremony if they are at the same venue?

You’ve had your eyes set on a beautiful car , but you don’t have the luxury of a drive between your reception and ceremony do not fret. A car makes the perfect backdrop for some gorgeous wedding photographs and. A classic vehicle, VW campervan or a black cab, as in the picture below, will stand out from your wedding photographs even if you’re driving it between locations.

Do all cars come with driver?

It all depends on the firm you select. Many car companies offer chauffeurs, but it’s possible to rent a car but without a chauffeur. You’ll have to be the driver!

What happens if a driver is sick?

If you choose a reputable business it are likely to have plans of contingency to deal with situations such as this.

Are vintage wedding car rentals high risk?

A reliable company will guarantee that the vehicles are maintained and maintained. Even with brand new vehicles, there’s always a chance that it might break down, but the chance is minimal. Review reviews from other couples to find out how their experience was.

What is the typical cost of wedding cars?

It’s also contingent on the service you select. Make sure to do your researchand get several estimates to make sure that you’re getting an appropriate cost.

Does the distance to the destination affect the price?

The cost you pay will vary from one supplier to the next company, but a majority of them will offer a fee dependent on the miles.

How can we cut costs on wedding car rentals?

If you’re on a strict budget, it’s possible to hire a single wedding car to transport the bride and her father the bride for the wedding ceremony and arrange for taxis pick up the remainder of the bridal guests.

When will we be required to make the final payment?

Each business will have its individual policy, so make sure you know what time the final payment is due prior to signing the signature line! To make it simpler for you, choose an organization that will allow you to split the payment,

Who is the one who decorates the car?

It is a question to inquire about when you contact a wedding car vendor. A lot of businesses will decorate your vehicle for you, so make sure you inform them that you have particular decorations or flowers that you’d like to incorporate.

How long do we need to travel to the wedding venue?

Be sure to leave ample time so that the event that you experience traffic or others delays you’ll be on time. Keep in mind that the thirty minutes prior to the time that brides and their entourage leave the house will fly by , so ensure you have your schedule for the morning clearly laid out. The process of getting in and out of a vehicle wearing your wedding gown can take longer than you think, so take a look at that!

When is the time for each vehicle to be at the ceremony as well as the location?

The groom’s wedding party should be at the venue about 45 minutes prior to the ceremony , so that they can be at the right time to direct guests to their seats.

The bridesmaids, mother and the bride must arrive at the venue for the wedding around 10 minutes prior to the ceremony with the bride’s father of the bride arriving approximately five minutes before the ceremony will begin.

It is best to arrive a little earlier instead of late. You can take your time driving around the location. The car rental company will be able to provide suggestions regarding this.

It is possible to include the time required so that your photographer can get photos of the cars coming in and the bridal party getting ready. It’s not appropriate to leave your guests in a long line to get their photos therefore follow the directions of your photographer, but think about adding five minutes to get to get these.

About how long prior to the big day can we reserve our vehicle?

Be sure to book your car as soon as you can. As with other wedding providers the car rental companies will be accepting reservations up to a few years in advance , so you need to make arrangements early and well in advance to avoid disappointment!

Can we cancel our wedding car booking?

The majority of companies will ask the payment of the deposit which can be not refundable. If you need to cancel the wedding due to any reason be sure to put it in writing . Remember to take out wedding insurance to protect you in the unlikely case that you must end the wedding.

Should we arrange guest transportation?

It’s entirely dependent on the amenities – for example, parking spaces for cars in your venues. Some couples choose to rent a bus or minivan to transport their guests to and from the reception and the ceremony, when they’re separated or there are a lot of guests using public transportation to get to your location. A classic double-decker bus will look stunning on photos and can be a great method for all guests to journey together. Most people are comfortable driving themselves , and this means that they are able to leave at a time that is convenient for their schedules.