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Student Guide to basic kitchen equipment

There are many devices and machines which attempt to make simple tasks simpler.

However, we’re not a fan of the squeezy pipettes or general trending gadgets. We recommend you start off with these essential kitchenware items.


A small pot is ideal for boiling eggs, vegetables and potatoes, and eggs. A bigger pot is helpful for when you need to make a soup or huge stew to feed a huge crowd. I have a massive one, which is perfect for making a huge Bolognese.

Measuring Jug

As inexpensive as chips and useful, a huge plastic measuring jug isn’t just useful for measuring liquids like water and stock, but also serve as a impromptu mixing bowl.

Frying Pan

I love a non-stick pan to cook everything from an excellent English breakfast to cooking mushrooms. It’s a must-have item that is a good investment. It is possible to purchase an edged frying pan with a thin edge that’s perfect for pancakes and Omelettes.


Fantastic for draining the water from rice, pasta potatoes, vegetables, and pasta. The possibilities are endless. Metal and plastic versions are equally effective.


To get the most value and high-quality, my recommendation is to visit an Chinese supermarket to purchase your wok. They’re handy often, ranging from quick stir-fries to an exquisite curry. Do not fret if you don’t had a wok an enormous high-sided cooking pan is a suitable alternative.


I tried to avoid the sieve since most flours today say there’s no requirement to sieve’ but I ended up needing one at all times to do everything and baking in particular and baking, so it’s an essential tool to keep around.

Mixing Bowl

I strongly recommend the use of a Pyrex mixing bowl because it’s heat-resistant. Use it to melt chocolate, mixing cake batter making pesto, making home-cooked hamburgers, and whipping up quick salad dressings.

Hand-held Blender

I prefer using an electric hand blender. The recipes in my book requires the use of a food processor. I use this hand-held blender to make everything from smoothies to soups and drinks.

Chopping Board

I am in love with the heavy wooden cutting boards. They can be expensive If you’re smart, you can find affordable prices Shop for them. Plastic can also be used.

Potato Masher

Fantastic for smashing not just potatoes but veggies like butternut squash and carrots. Vegetable Peeler A must, particularly for roasts.

Can an Opener be used?

Imperatives for the kitchen – from beans in cans to coconut milk, tuna and delicious canned tomatoes.


Great for grating cheese, but also fantastic to grated ginger and garlic.


While it is possible to whisk eggs efficiently using a fork whisks are extremely helpful in making omelettes because they give them a wonderful delicate texture. You’ll also require whisks to whip egg or cream whites.


Plastic spatulas are an excellent tool for scraping out all the remnants of the bowl of mixing. It’s also a great tool for folding the mixture in a gentle manner, such like the chocolate mousse. Metal versions are useful in situations where you have to lift and remove fried food from the pan for example, when you cook breakfast fry-ups.

Wooden Spoon or Spatula

They are widely used in baking. They’re not as popular in savoury cooking because they can absorb the aromas and flavours of certain foods like garlic, onions, and chillies. But, they don’t scratch the bottom of nonstick pots like metal spoons.

Small Fruit Knife

One of these can make cutting or slicing fruits or other fine vegetables a breeze. It’s handy to have for making delicious fruit salad.

Large Knife

My big knife is the most effective among my tools for cooking. I utilize it to cut garlic, meat, herbs and the rest.