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Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Today, there are more than 3 million companies actively advertising on Facebook by itself.

These numbers can be quite daunting when you’re trying to compete to be noticed on social.

However, it is clear the importance Facebook marketing is for companies today, and that’s not even including the other social networks, each with thousands (or billions) of users.

The task of a social media manager was the responsibility of specialists or interns and they were only required to publish organic content in order to get the most benefit from numerous Social Media platforms.

However, today you’re facing a new world of social media.

Here are a few of the major changes we witnessed this year:

Facebook has introduced an algorithm update which Mark Zuckerberg said would suppress the brand’s content on the news feed.
Twitter declared that they will not allow the same content to be shared across multiple accounts.

Being up-to-date on these developments requires an expert in the subject to keep an eye on for the best way to ensure you are ensuring that brands and brands represent for continue to be successful on online social platforms.

It’s wonderful to have an employee that may be working on different tasks within the company, and contributes to social media activities.

However, you’re much better to hire a social media specialist to manage, monitor and implement social media campaigns . This will give you more value for your investment and expenditure.

These are five of the most compelling reasons you must use a social media manager.

1. The Social Landscape Changes Continually

A social media manager will monitor any algorithmic changes or emerging trends on the platform. However, you can also modify your strategy and content to reflect the most recent developments.

Additionally an administrator of social media should be open with regards to new platforms and think about the strategies you need to implement immediately to allow you to be successful on the new platforms.

Take TikTok for instance. In October of 2020, TikTok surpassed over 2 billion mobile downloads around the world which means it’s safe to say that your brand is there, because I’m confident that your competition is.

This is also true for the new features that are added to the established social network platform. Do you remember the time Reels and Shops went live in the last quarter of 2013 on Instagram? Did your team gather to discuss ways to make the most of these new areas on the platform?

A social media manager is able to observe changes taking place or are about to occur and be flexible, which means they can return on the drawing boards with clients and alter goals and objectives for campaigns as well as content to ensure continued satisfaction with respect to their objectives.

2. Engagement on Social Media is a must

The employee who is posting randomly in your Facebook and Twitter accounts without a plan does a disservice your image.

If this is your current situation I highly recommend that you return and start from scratch.

Social media isn’t an easy-to-use tactic to forget about it. In many ways, this strategy could do more harm than positive. This is the reason why engagement is crucial.

Engaging with your visitors – whether it’s within groups or pages should be a priority. Why? It’s a dialogue that is two-way and the people who use your brand need to feel that the company they love is concerned about them.

A social media administrator can and should be constantly monitoring the pages of your brand and not just to manage reputation (read below for more information on this topic) but also to gather more information that can benefit your business.

Are you unsure of what you can offer as a new product or require advice on what your customers want to know about? Talk to them!

A social media supervisor can integrate their campaigns into any other campaigns you’re conducting.

Responding to your customers comments, regardless of whether they be positive or negative , is vital and is a way to demonstrate that your company is attentive and taking feedback seriously.

Social media as a user experience improvement tool can help you get your customers the assistance they require.

If they purchased the wrong size item? It is a guarantee that a customer will go to social media first to resolve their issue.

Being helpful on social media world will give your users more satisfaction as they can resolve their issues on the platform they’re confident in.

3. Protect Your Reputation & Help Your Customers

The social media manager(s) are vigilant to every post, review, or the comments made on social media about a brand.

Not but are they using the proper method in place in relation the triaging process, they they are aware of how they should perform themselves in the context of the platform and represent the brand.

The benefits of hiring someone who has years of expertise in this field is vital, because in a matter of seconds, an experienced social media manager can solve the issue that could have turned into an accident if a less experienced person had been in the position.

It’s crucial for the manager of social media to creates not only the correct voice and the language that best represents the brand in social media but also collaborates with other people in the company – such as PR and customer service – to ensure contingency plans are in place before a crisis in social media occurs.

Responding to a criticism, whether good or bad it should be carried out within a specific time. The earlier you respond the more effective.

Your brand’s presence can aid in solving a problem for an existing or a potential client or customer or even make someone more aware of the way you conduct yourself through social media.

4. Expanding Your Viewers

The person who is responsible for increasing your reach should be in the hands of a social media director’s KPIs. Expanding your social media following is basically a megaphone in the digital realm.

In a September 2020 study 51% of those who participated indicated that their purchase choices were influenced by social media. In addition, 29% of respondents were affected by social media to the point in the sense that they’d buy an item on the same day they used social media.

Consider your social media users as your ambassadors who can help spread the advantages of using your brand’s products.

As your customer base grows and your brand’s credibility grows, so does your brand will increase.

The trust in your brand is growing also.

Are you or your brand seeking to partner to other companies? The large number of people who follow you on social media can also boost your “street image” and opens up new opportunities for your brand.

Did you create an article on your blog or introduce an innovative feature on your site and wish to spread the word?

An audience that is large can assist in spreading the good news. This could in turn grow not just your social media following, but also your sales and leads.

5. Tracking and Reporting

The presence of a manager responsible for all of your social media campaigns will help you to improve the effectiveness of your current campaign.

However, a social media administrator will also help you keep your brand in motion – changing goals, creatives, or even content if you feel your current efforts aren’t working as well as they could.

An administrator of social media should review their campaigns frequently – switching off ads that are not performing and then improving other campaigns to be sure your funds are effective and your objectives are met.

An administrator of social media will take a look at the progress of campaigns and know when an approach is getting worn out and if the method needs to be changed.

This can be extremely valuable at the close of the month report as they will be able to provide evidence that tells the story of

What were the actions that were taken that month?
What was the performance of the month compare to prior months.
What next to do?

Sometimes, campaigns have continuous success and may generate new great concepts, which would not necessarily occur if don’t have someone committed to this work round all hours.


Hopefully, you’re able to realize that you’d be better in hiring an expert in social media management instead of hiring one.

Someone who can give completely to your business’s mission and strategy will provide a superior result than an intern or a low-level employee who posts content randomly for your brand.