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Why Should Companies Use Advertising Agencies?

Learn about how they work with its pros as well as cons in addition to how they will aid in helping your business grow by reading this helpful guide.

One of the most important aspects a company must consider is their budget. It’s about what is invested, how much gets used and, most importantly, the amount of profit you earn. Advertising plays an essential role in revenue and spending. If your company doesn’t have advertising or promote itself, it won’t draw in customers or clients. However, advertising requires time and resources, and they can be limited based on the budget you have set. One way to reduce this is to use an agency for advertising.

What exactly does an agency for advertising do?

Advertising agencies plan, design and oversee the marketing needs of a company and could be accountable for the following duties:

Making customized marketing campaigns
Content and creative direction
Market research
Control of your accounts

A marketing agency does not solely handle administration, but will also create new and innovative ideas along with different strategies that they can work on. In certain cases an agency for advertising may even manage things such as promotion as well as other marketing requirements.

Benefits and drawbacks of using an advertising agency

There’s pros and cons of employing an agency for advertising and it’s essential to consider your options prior to requesting an agency’s assistance to help you with your marketing campaign.


Ad agencies reduce time and effort by contacting individuals to assist with offline and online marketing and advertising
The top ad agencies possess a variety of abilities, connections and years of experience to offer
They bring a lot more value to the table, and the amount you pay in fees, you could earn in other areas.
Particularization is the key to success, and the best agency will possess the skills you need.


Directly and not using an agency, you’ll be able to avoid charges and thus making your advertising budget stretch even further
They may not be familiar with your product or service.
You may not be the top priority based on their clients’ schedules, client base and the amount you’re paying.
A vision for an agency may not align with yours

In essence, the higher the cost you pay for an agency for advertising the greater chance you’ll find one that is able to meet your needs.

The relationship between agency and client, as well as the right to exercise

A partnership with an agency allows you to build a unique partnership that has a specific purpose in your mind. To increase traffic and generate opportunities to sell for the company who employs the agency. The business and agency can come to an agreement that ensures that certain requirements and goals are achieved. It is crucial that the business and the agencies are in the same boat with regards to the creation of content and various advertising strategies that can be utilized.

A 2014 study conducted by Rubin Postaer and Associates (RPA) on agency/client relationships found trust was the sole question in which both agencies and clients had the same score. Tim Leake, SVP growth and innovation at RPA has transformed the results of the study into a campaign of their own, which was dubbed “The The Truth”.

In the process his work, he developed four pillars of honesty that affected trust and ways to increase it.

Since we’re communication firms and we’re apathetic about communication
We must apply a bit of imagination to the concepts we define by”creativity”
Risk is the risk.
We’re more adept at creating ads than we are at the business world.

The plan is a 4-point one to build confidence in the relationship between agency and client:

The focus should be on interpersonal communication
Assist clients in defining and understand the role of creativity.
Help clients differentiate between “risky” from “different”
Learn your business skills just as equally as you practice the art of advertising.

How can marketing agencies help businesses? offer companies?

There are many different ways in which an agency for advertising can help your company, and they provide more than only contacts. Direct marketing can allow your business to reduce costs, however the only thing you’ll have is your ideas and your opinion. An agency for advertising will have an approach that is purely platonic to your objectives, and will be in a position to think outside the confines of the route you could take. They will also give new insight into how you can advertise and the best way to do it. Here are some ways in which advertising agencies can help your company.

1. Experience

Advertising agencies can tell their successes and also those instances where things might not have been as they thought.

The world-renowned advertising agency Ogilvy was established around 1850, through Edmund Mather before becoming Ogilvy & Mather in 1964 following joining with an New York City agency that was established in 1948 by David Ogilvy. This is more than 170 years of history and expertise on two sides of the Atlantic.

Experience is a factor you, as a business owner may not have as much. Your business may be a familiar one but to have your company noticed to the appropriate people is the right kind of knowledge, and an agency for advertising could be extremely beneficial.

2. Unique ideas

It is a fact that regardless of what industry you’re in, you’re likely to be competing with other businesses and, for a lot of businesses it is possible to be in a crowded market. This is the reason you’ll need an agency for advertising that can come up with innovative strategies to make your business shine and shine above others within your field.

3. Be aware of the latest trends

It is essential for your business to know the latest trends in advertising and what worked for you in the past could not be working for you today. This is what you’re basically paying an agency to accomplish. They’ll be able to spot the changing trends and ensure that your company is on the right track to can get the most value from the budget you have set for advertising.

4. Provide critical feedback

Feedback is essential and this could get distorted by focused on too many opinions that are coming from inside your company.

An agency for advertising is impartial and thus will provide an honest critique, feedback and will also tell the client what has worked and what’s not working. Feedback is crucial since marketing and advertising can add up to a significant part of your budget and you’ll need to ensure that you make the most of it.

5. You must work with you, not against you.

In the end, an agency will work with you and rather than against. You are their client, and, as a result, they desire to offer the service that they promoted to make your company be noticed. A team of impartial professionals with you who are knowledgeable about the field will allow you feel more confident about what has to be accomplished.

As business owners you have a lot of things to be spinning and different specific areas that must be covered. because marketing and advertising is an area that requires lots of focus, it’s worthwhile to have the additional information available.


If you’re considering hiring an agency to promote your business, you might be thinking that you could do the job on your own. What you do not have is the knowledge of an expert and the time to comprehend the various strategies.

While you might want to reduce costs of advertising, it could be much more economical outsourcing this part of your business and make use of the experience they possess. This is the reason why a lot of firms are using advertising agencies today instead of trying to do it on their own.