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Why Consider Birmingham For Your Next Career Move

A new study has revealed that Birmingham is the top city in the world, excluding London for employment opportunities, only beaten by Manchester. The city is ahead of the hot spots for business such as Leeds, Bristol and Edinburgh. The report shows that the chances in the city have increased by 27 percent percent from 2021. What is the reason behind Birmingham changing into an untapped area for business?

Population Growth

Birmingham is among the most rapidly growing population in the UK and is the youngest in terms of population because of its numerous well-known universities as well as its vibrant culture and diversity. Since 2002 Birmingham’s population has grown by 227,000 people, with Birmingham offering a viable option in comparison to London and its unsettling London Bubble of high costs. This is what makes Birmingham much more attractive possibility for those looking to move to the UK to start their first job, or finding the ideal location to go to university and then settle in a vibrant city.


High Speed 2 has dominated the news regarding investments into the West Midlands, and with excellent justification. The process of preparing land for the construction of tracks has been crucial for archaeologists and local heritage experts which has increased employment opportunities in these areas and, of course, building each track and terminal will result in thousands of new jobs. The workforce of 27,000 strong has helped to reduce local unemployment rates substantially, and is now set to offer a variety of opportunities in the long run for those who helped build the network.

The Big City Plan

Birmingham’s 20-year Big City Plan targets development within the central part of the city, and generates more than £2.1 billion in local economic output per year. The amazing plan, which also includes ongoing renewal, is expected to create an astounding 10,000 jobs by its completion due to the creation and expansion of the public realm, including those that comprise 1.5 million square feet of space that will be used for new companies.

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Birmingham New Street station is the most popular station within the UK outside of London and is also the busiest interchange station within the United States due to Birmingham’s unparalleled connectivity. The station is connected with Edinburgh, Cardiff and London in addition to smaller local stations throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands, meaning that commuters from across the nation frequently pass through Birmingham on their way to work and home. It’s no wonder that employment opportunities in the region are growing, Birmingham is vastly well connected to the rest of Britain and, because of Birmingham International Airport Birmingham International Airport, the city is easily accessible to world as well.

£300 Million Expansion of BHX

Airports are a subject of discussion. Birmingham International Airport will be waiting for an expansion plan of £300 million. This will allow more people and make sure that Birmingham is an easier location for travelers from the UK as well as the rest of the world. The renovations to the terminal will lead to a smoother experience for passengers , with easier access to the terminal and more security personnel. This will surely create jobs for the long-term BHX personnel and contracts for construction and building companies.

Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games created 4,500 jobs each year , in the lead-up to 2022. They also required the participation of more than 6,500 companies to ensure the Games were smooth and efficient, resulting in an numerous potential for Birmingham. But, now after it is over, and the Commonwealth Games has been and gone, is there any new opportunities? Yes! This Legacy Fund for the Games will allow Birmingham to provide sporting opportunities for those who require these opportunities, and keep an active Commonwealth spirit alive through initiatives like The Job and Skills Academy, and maintenance of the recently constructed Sandwell Aquatics Centre.

Paradise Development

The £700 million Paradise development is expected to be the centre of the city in the biggest project Birmingham has seen in many years. With 1.8 million square feet of area being developed through the project, the end result will include restaurants, cafes hotels, shops, along with prime real estate properties which are likely to become sought-after by international companies looking to establish their operations outside of London and join the such companies as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. A 49-storey octagonal residential building is also in the process of being built that is an innovative design that is a first in the world, and is expected to become an integral part of Birmingham’s booming skyline.

Relocation of large businesses

Many multinational companies have decided to move their headquarters from London in order to reduce rising office rents and reduce costs. Deutsche Bank, HSBC and PWC are only a few of the internationally renowned companies who have decided to move in the United Kingdom’s second capital. The government’s agenda of leveling up is also key to shifting the opportunities away from London as well as across the nation. Numerous government departments have relocated to Birmingham in the course of the Places For Growth programme, that has seen more than 2100 civil service positions relocated out of London into in the West Midlands. People working for Department for Transport, Cabinet Office Department for Transport, Cabinet Office and the new Government Property Agency have already moved to Birmingham and there are more expected to be added by 2025.