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Selling in Germany: A Guide to Platforms Mandating VAT Registration

The largest economy in Europe, Germany, is typically the destination of choice for sellers who are looking to broaden their customer base as e-commerce continues to develop on a global scale. Germany is a very desirable market for online retailers due to the country’s large potential client base and comprehensive digital infrastructure. A German VAT number is one of the legislative conditions that must be met in order to enter this profitable market. Other requirements include obtaining a German VAT number. This article goes into the complexities of obtaining a German VAT number and identifies the platforms that need sellers to have this requirement in place.

Realising the Value-Added Tax in Germany

Taxes on consumption that are imposed on products and services that are sold within the European Union (EU) are referred to as value-added taxes (VAT). There are certain goods and services that are subject to a lower value-added tax rate of 7% in Germany, such as books, groceries, and medical supplies. The usual value-added tax rate in Germany is 19%. It is necessary for businesses that are growing into Germany and sellers who are not from the EU to have a solid understanding of VAT compliance in order to avoid penalties and ensure seamless operations.

Obtaining a Value-Added Tax Number German

In order to engage in online sales in Germany, it is necessary to obtain a VAT number from the Federal Central Tax Office, often known as the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (BZSt). This entails the following:

Instructions for completing the VAT registration form: You are going to be required to supply certain information about your company, such as the address of your company, the type of business you run, an estimate of your yearly turnover, and the details of your bank account.

Documents of identification, including copies of your passport or identification card, evidence that your firm is registered, and occasionally bank statements, are required to be submitted.

Awaiting Approval: Because the processing time can be several weeks, it is recommended that applications be submitted early.

Following approval, you will be provided with your VAT number, which will enable you to comply with the regulations governing VAT in Germany and begin conducting business on a variety of online platforms.

Websites that demand a German VAT number for their users

There are a handful of well-known online marketplaces that need vendors to have a German VAT number in order to conduct business here. The following is a list of an important platform:


One of the most important platforms for online retailers who are aiming their products at German clients is Amazon Germany. Having a German VAT number is essential for selling on for a number of reasons, including the following:

Compliance with Local Laws Amazon requires merchants to comply with local tax requirements, including VAT, while selling their products on the platform.

Amazon provides sellers with VAT calculation services, which ensures proper billing and compliance. This makes the process of filing for VAT more expedient and easier.

Building Trust: Customers who place a high value on lawful and transparent business processes will view your trustworthiness as increased if you comply with VAT requirements.

2. The website

Similarly, in order to ensure that they are in conformity with tax regulations, eBay Germany requires all sellers to have a German VAT number. In the event that you anticipate a substantial volume of sales, this takes on an extremely vital role. As part of their services, eBay handles the deduction and remittance of VAT automatically, which simplifies the regulatory element for sellers who are located in other countries. For the purpose of avoiding disruptions to your selling activity and legal issues, it is important to make sure that your VAT number is accurately registered with eBay.

Third, Etsy

Etsy, which is well-known for its handcrafted, vintage, and one-of-a-kind factory-made items, is subject to severe regulations in Germany, including compliance with VAT regulations. Sellers that are aiming their products at the German market are required to provide a German VAT number;

For things that are sold to customers within Germany, the VAT must be charged accurately.

In order to maintain a positive standing on the platform, it is essential to adhere to the ETSI policy, which states that it is essential to ensure compliance with European and German tax legislation.

Etsy’s platform provides sellers with assistance in computing VAT on transactions; however, it is imperative that merchants provide accuracy in their information.

Zalando, or 4.

Zalando, a renowned European e-commerce firm that specialises in fashion and leisure products, mandates that all sellers have a German VAT number in order to register with the company. While the site does handle international shipping, it places a strong emphasis on complying with local regulations.

Marketplace Integration: Selling on Zalando’s Partner Programme requires VAT registration in order to maintain legal alignment and to make the most of Zalando’s client base in an effective manner.

Enhanced Credibility: Because German consumers anticipate conformity and openness, sellers who align themselves with local VAT rules are more likely to attract their business. and come in fifth.

An extensive online marketplace in Germany is provided by, which has since been rebranded as When it comes to selling their wares in Germany, international vendors are required to register for a VAT number by the platform. This measure guarantees that:

When enrolling in’s seller programme, sellers are required to supply their German VAT number in order to comply with VAT regulations.

Enhanced Logistics: Compliance makes logistics and delivery within Germany more streamlined, which results in a purchasing experience that is less stressful for customers from Germany.

The Importance of Having a European Union VAT Number

In addition to ensuring compliance, having a German VAT number confers a variety of additional advantages to internet retailers, including the following:

The ability to gain direct access to German consumers and to migrate into the German market without encountering any legal obstacles is referred to as market access.

Avoiding Penalties: Failure to comply with regulations can result in hefty fines and penalties, which can seriously affect the operations of your organisation.

Trust and Transparency: German customers place a high value on legal compliance and transparency, which helps to create trust and provides opportunities for long-term customer relationships.

Methods to Register for a Value-Added Tax Number in Germany

In spite of the fact that the procedure could appear to be intimidating, the processes involved in the preparation are straightforward:

To determine whether or not you are eligible, you should examine the activities of your company to determine whether or not you need to register for VAT. In general, registration is required if you are selling items to German consumers through an online platform and your sales are anticipated to surpass the level for the minimum amount of VAT that is applicable in the region.

Collect the Necessary Documents: The documents that are necessary to be gathered include a copy of your passport or identification card, confirmation that your business is registered, and any financial statements that are pertinent.

Finish filling out the VAT Registration Form: You may locate this form on the website of the Federal Central Tax Office. Ensure that it contains accurate information regarding the operations of your firm, the turnover, and your contact information.

Please send in the Application: The Federal Central Tax Office should receive the form along with any other documentation that are required. The application can be sent in either electronically or through the mail.

Wait for Confirmation: The processing time may vary after the submission, however maintaining contact with the tax office might help speed up the process. You will be provided with your VAT number once your application has been submitted and approved.

Compliance with VAT should be implemented by updating your online platforms with your VAT number, ensuring that your sales invoices reflect the relevant VAT, and maintaining accurate records for the purposes of tax filing.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to successfully selling on major German e-commerce platforms, it is vital to properly navigate the legislative framework of German VAT, which can be tough to navigate. The acquisition of a German VAT number is an essential step, regardless of whether you are using,, Etsy, Zalando, or as your online marketplace. In addition to ensuring compliance with local legislation, it helps to develop consumer trust and allows smoother operations within Germany’s powerful market. It is possible for online vendors to efficiently tap into Europe’s greatest economy if they first comprehend and then adhere to these rules. This will allow them to maximise both their reach and their profitability. A strong presence in the highly competitive and lucrative German e-commerce market can be established through proper registration and compliance with VAT regulations, which can open a multitude of opportunities.