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Is Having A Business Telephone Number Still Important?

Since email began taking the world by storm in 1997, there has been discussion about it becoming the replacement for telecommunications and the necessity of the creation of a business telephone number.

About 293.6 billion emails are expected to be sent and received across the globe in 2019, according to Statista and even though instant messaging and email are the most common method of communication in today’s modern age of technology, none compares to the customer service you get from talking to a representative on the phone. There are many advantages to having a company phone number, for example, it makes it easy for customers who are not tech-savvy to make the decision to use a phone as it gives personalization and is becoming a part of the future of communication using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Five reasons why you require business phone numbers

1. Customer friendly

Talking to a customer or client on the phone takes conversations to a different level of service to customers. The phone call allows agents to respond immediately and focus on the client they are speaking with, instead of having to manage multiple customers using the IM assistance system.

Telecommunications is also more effective to help customers find ways to solve more complicated issues.

2. Accessible and easy

It is easy to communicate and is accessible even for people who may not be technologically adept, like older clients. The phone call can be made from any location, at any time and from any location. To be able to access email or IM support, a user requires an internet connection, and perhaps an internet-connected computer (if the website is unfriendly for users).

3. A business number is an important part of your business’s image

A business phone number is just one of the many elements which make up the image of your brand. Talking to a live person via phone is memorable, and can be even more memorable when it’s actually, a positive experience.

Customer service can determine the success or failure of a business. A recent study showed that over half of customers reported bad customer service that drove them away from the brand. In addition 64% of customers consider the quality of their customer service more important than the actual cost for the item or service. A great customer service experience on the phone will leave customers satisfied and more likely to spread the word about your business to their colleagues, friends and family.

4. It adds a personal touch

Talking on the phone is much more intimate than sending a boring, faceless digital message. Agents and customers alike are able to detect each other’s voice, allowing agents to recognize when a client is stressed and take appropriate measures to soothe them. The research conducted by CyberPsychology has found that audio conversations such as talking over the telephone, are an essential component of strengthening the connection between human beings. So, customer service through phone will improve customer relationships and make them feel more comfortable putting more trust in your business.

5. Future-oriented

VoIP lets you make phone calls using an internet connection. It is an excellent alternative to traditional ISDN phone line that for business will be shut off by 2025. We offer a range of VoIP phone numbers that have various advantages and uses including conference calls as well as routing, and an online management portal and also an app for smartphones that allows users to be future-proof and still accomplishing all of the previous five factors.