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Five Benefits of a Business Phone System for Growing Your Small Business

Your business is expanding and that means you’re doing the right thing. But eventually your small business will be outgrowing the personal lines on your phone. When you’re hiring new employees or require advanced call and collaboration capabilities switching to a business phone system will simplify your job and improve your financial results. There are five ways a business phone service can benefit your business grow.

Reduce time and save money

Old-fashioned PBX systems are what they are: old. They’re expensive, bulky and take up lots of space. The process of setting them up requires specialist assistance, and they need regular maintenance, which cost your company time and money. When your requirements change and you add additional capacity or adding new features requires resources that could be better used to focus on your business rather than the phone system.

Cloud-based phone systems eliminate the hassles. It’s on-site, simple to install and expands with you as your needs for business evolve. Most importantly, the business phone system offers advanced capabilities that make it more adaptable and cost-effective than traditional PBX systems.

One-stop shop with all the amenities

Making the switch to a business telephone system will simplify small business communications. If you require features for managing calls, such as forwarding and call logs or collaboration tools such as conference call services or online meetings Consolidating your communications offers many advantages.

Instead of relying on a jumbled collection of tools that do not necessarily work with one another, it is possible to choose a simple solution that has components made to work. Switching to a business-oriented phone system will give the ability to use new features that the consumer phone line cannot match, is available from call answering based on rules to call screening , advanced notifications for calls and tools for collaboration in teams.

The one-stop method lets you integrate easily with existing tools that you utilize. Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook and Dropbox are only some of the online tools that you can easily incorporate into a modern-day business phone system.

Stay connected any time, anyplace

Desk phones are gone.

But, really, it’s not. There are many people who use these devices every day in their companies. But the reality is that business isn’t exclusively in your office. It’s also happening when you’re away from the office, at your home or on another part of the globe. With a phone system for business it is possible to work from any location, without having to worry about equipment. Make use of the same features and tools that you’re accustomed to regardless of the location of your business.

A business phone system ensures that you are connected to telecommuters. Continuous call forwarding ensures that employees are connected to clients regardless of the location, and conferences that are free or paid for calls and collaboration tools will ensure that your team is on the same page even when they’re not together in the same space. This flexibility is essential when your company expands.

Present an image that is professional

If you’re managing an unassuming company, you’re juggling many different tasks that you must perform at any at the same time. Even if you’re a small business it’s important to look and appear professional. A cloud-based business phone system can assist with this. You can quickly and efficiently transfer calls to the appropriate individuals, create automated assistants, and utilize professional-grade voicemail and call notifications to track the demands of your clients.

Even if you’re just a one-person show, a cloud-based phone system can help you achieve the success you’re looking for. Holding music, moving calls to different extensions, or even flipping calls between your office phone and your mobile phone – these are just a few of the features that business phones provide to allow you to provide top-quality customer service that is flexible and effortlessly.

Protect your personal information

When you use personal mobiles for business, the privacy of your customers and data are at risk.

Making your phone number available to your customers is a great way to increase their mobility. It also means customers are able to call anytime, anyplace even when you’re away on vacation or spending the time with family. A cloud-based business phone system will keep your personal contact information confidential, as well as enhancing your ability to remain in contact with your clients anytime you want.

BYOD policies are becoming more popular. However, if employees use their personal devices, your company’s proprietary data could be at risk. With calls logs and contact details kept on phones owned by employees, your company is leaving the premises along with employees. Mobile phones can be lost and are often stolen and if that happens your information can be exposed. It’s not the only danger however. If employees leave your organization, they may quickly (and accidently) transfer your client’s private information using their smartphones.

A cloud-based business phone system allows you to control how and when customers reach you. It also keep your private information available to your employees, and secure from being stolen or “borrowed.”

As your business expands and your communications requirements grow, they are becoming more stringent. A cloud-based business phone system gives you the features, flexibility and security your business requires. While at the same time it gives employees the tools needed to stay connected and more productive to ensure that your business can grow and prosper.