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What happens during a boiler service?

Regularly taking care of your boiler is more crucial than you realize. In the end, your boiler is a crucial component in keeping your home going smoothly, by providing an inviting, warm home with hot and warm water. What is the importance of the annual boiler maintenance?

Although we often think of boilers in winter, when we switch to the central heater, in reality, you depend on your boiler throughout the year. Because of the need to have functioning boilers it is crucial to maintain it properly. The most effective way to provide your boiler that TLC it requires is to schedule an annual boiler maintenance.

What happens during a boiler maintenance?

When you have an annual boiler maintenance different tests, inspections and required cleaning are conducted to ensure that your boiler operates to the highest standard. It should be an Gas Safe registered engineer who is responsible for the boiler service. In this process, the engineer can find any problems that may be caused by leaks of gas or water and, ultimately, ensure that the boiler is operating smoothly and safely.

How long will a boiler service last?

A boiler service typically takes less than one hour, however this can vary based on the type of appliance. The experienced Gas Safe engineer will follow an extensive checklist for boiler maintenance to ensure everything is in order and is functioning properly.

How often do you need to service your boiler?

Your boiler must be checked by an Gas Safe Registered engineer and it should be done at least every year. The ideal time to have your boiler serviced is during the summer months when your heating requirement is less, which helps to pinpoint and fix any problems before winter comes around (when your boiler is required to perform more).

Tips: Don’t leave your boiler in its own hands during the summer months and let it deteriorate as you turn the heating on in winter or autumn. Schedule an annual boiler maintenance to get ready for the cold winter days.

Why do you need to plan an annual boiler maintenance?

Are you unsure if it is time to have your boiler checked? Here are five reasons you should consider booking an annual boiler maintenance:

1. Keep yourself secure

One of the primary advantages of having the need for a boiler service book is to keep you and other inhabitants of your home secure. The boiler is a fuel burning appliance that releases carbon monoxide that is dangerous. The issue of carbon monoxide, is the gas is tastelessand colorless, and smellless. This means that it is difficult to identify its presence. This causes people to be unaware that they’re poisoned.

So, it’s crucial to have your boiler maintained frequently. Cleaning your boiler will provide you with peace of mind that you’re in good hands, or signal any need for repairs before a damaged boiler causes the most serious harm to your health.

2. Make sure you keep your warranty intact

During the duration of your warranty that could last up at 10 years companies insist that you have an annual service in order to ensure that the warranty is valid. When your boiler is under warranty, if it does not perform a service at least once every 12 months the warranty may be invalid, and should an issue occurs and you’re not covered, you’ll be responsible for the entire repair cost.

3. Be aware of any issues within your system earlier

There’s a good chance that if you’re not a qualified gas engineer, you’ll never recognize an issue with your boiler until the time you are ready to switch it on and find it does not spark. In a routine service, your gas technician will be able to spot and correct any problems ahead of time. No matter how minor the problem in your boiler is, not addressing it could result in an even more serious issue that can be much more costly to repair or create an unsafe situation.

4. Increase the life of your boiler

The primary factor is the model and age of your boiler determines the efficiency of its energy use and as it gets older, it is bound to become less efficient in energy use.

The cost of replacing a boiler can be costly which is why you need to make sure you get the most value from your investment. In order to maintain a healthful efficient, efficient boiler through regular cleaning it can help it last for a longer time. The average life span of a boiler is between 10 and 15 years however, with proper maintenance and regular servicing it is possible to live up to this and even beyond.

5. It’s a legal requirement for landlords.

If you’re a landlord it is required by law to provide an annual gas safety report every year. It’s extremely easy to conduct the gas safety inspection simultaneously with an annual boiler service. This is a sign that your boiler is operating properly and poses no danger for your tenants’ health.

When you have a boiler service, you’re taking a proactive approach that can help lower the likelihood of malfunctions, or catching issues in the early stages before they turn into a larger issue in the future. The price of a boiler maintenance could save you from the expense of an emergency breakdown.