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Tips for Eco-Friendly Moving

Everyone has their own good intentions, but I’m sure you’re thinking “moving home is enough stressful, so now I have to make sure that the move is eco-friendly! ?” Well, if I was to say that making your house move more sustainable will increase your efficiency while saving money Would you be more open to the idea? You’re now listening. You may not even be conscious that some of the ways you move are both unsustainable and actually inefficient. This is why I’ve provided the following tips so that you can not only make an environmentally-friendly move but also increase efficiency and save money.

Reduce Your Volume for Eco-Friendly Moving

The first step to making a sustainable house move is to reduce the number of belongings you want to move. Although it might seem daunting to part with some of your most loyal items, I assure you that the process can be rewarding in a variety of ways.

In the first place, by reducing size of your move, you reduce the weight that the item is carrying. As a result, smaller loads could require an enlarger van, and a lighter move requires less fuel for transportation. This will significantly reduce emissions produced in transit. In case you’re not able to figure it out the answer, a smaller size move means a cheaper move!

Now comes an important question. What will your do with every one of the items you didn’t decide to put in your bag? If you’re looking for the bin bag, STOP! There are plenty of other options that are both more efficient and sustainable instead of throwing everything away.

Garage sale

You can contribute to the expense of moving by selling your furniture to local communities or your friends and family. This could help create a more “circular economic system” and lower the cost of new items consumers purchase. Also, remember to buy the furniture you want to buy from second-hand stores in the area you are visiting for a continued commitment to the circular economy. This will reduce the amount of waste that is generated in society and may even make you money! Eco-friendly moving is a win-win

Donate to Charities

If you’re able to the expense, a great option to get rid of furniture that isn’t needed is to give it away. Small objects can be donated to thrift stores, like Oxfam. If you want to make your environmental impact more sustainable you can even give the proceeds of furniture sales to an environmental organization such as ClientEarth.

Donate Food

The UK wastes 4.5 tonnes of food every year! This is an insane amount of waste. Instead of throwing food out while moving houses We encourage you to try something new. Make new dishes that utilize things that reside on the bottom shelves in your pantry. I know that there is a Heinz Tomato soup has been stored away in the back of your pantry for months, and you did not plan to eat it right now but throwing it away isn’t the best option for sustainability! Once you’ve eaten everything that you can, and are left with only some sachets of fajita mix and tins of tuna, it’s not the perfect time to empty to put it in the garbage! Food can be donated to food banks and help to provide food to those who are who are in dire need.

Pack Smart

Ugh, packing. Everyone hates packing, but do you know what? You’ve already reduced the amount of packing you’ll need by donating or selling unnecessary items (bet you’re happy with your former self today!). Your packing will be much faster! Additionally, you’ll also need less packing material and waste less!

Sustainable Boxes

The first step to packing is to find boxes. There are various methods to purchase boxes in sustainable ways.

You can ask your local supermarket to loan the leftover delivery boxes. They have an abundance of boxes that would otherwise be simply thrown away. Make them useful and reuse them!
Rent reusable packing crates. Companies such as CrateHireUK offer services that allow customers to lease plastic boxes to pack your belongings. Then, once you have moved, you return the boxes and they can be reused for to use for someone else’s move. These kinds of services can dramatically reduce wasted and single-use materials.

You may need more tips for a Green Move?

If you are concerned to protect the natural environment, you’ll be happy reading even more about how to make your removal eco-friendly. Simply click here to continue studying!

Be Creative and Eco-Friendly with your Moving!

Create a unique packing strategy to reduce consumption and optimize space! We have all seen those incredible “packing hacks” on the internet and have fun and try them! Optimise all your spaces by putting small objects into larger hollow items (like drawers, saucepans or even shoes). Do you have items that are delicate? Don’t buy costly materials such as bubble wrap or wool to pad your boxes. Instead, you can use the clothes you already have or towels to adequately cushion your boxes. Explore outside the box (ha!) and work to optimize your space for less waste!

Bio-degradable Bubblewrap

Bubble wrap isn’t an eco-friendly mover’s best friend. It is a single-use plastic that is frequently used up during the process of moving. A lot of items that you believe require bubble wrap can be adequately protected with a few layers of clothes. Therefore, keep your bubble wrap only for fragile items. If you require bubble wrap, select environmentally friendly “bio-degradable” bubble wrap. This wrap is just as effective with the added benefit of decomposing faster than standard bubble wrap. This will reduce your carbon footprint!

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Green Cleaning

Once you are all packed up, most likely you’ll need to wash your home from top to the bottom. Stains you never knew existed have suddenly appeared and you head to the store to purchase your favorite cleaning products. Did you take into account the effects that the manufacturing of these products could have on the surroundings? The majority of ingredients are not sustainably sourced and the production can create toxic chemical fumes. So, before you go shopping, think about buying “green cleansing products”. They are usually sourced more sustainably and leave less carbon footprint as compared to conventional products.

Choose a moving company that is environmentally friendly.

After all your efforts to be sustainable it’s only fitting that you take the time to choose an eco-friendly moving company! Examine whether the moving company has any environmental initiatives or foundation. Additionally, conduct some investigation and find companies that have the following ISO accreditations:

Use technology, when possible, to engage with companies that move remotely. For example, you could perform a moving survey over video calls. This can save the mover the hassle of driving to complete a task that is easily accomplished via the internet!

Are you ready for your eco-friendly move?

I’m sure now you not only appreciate the importance of moving to a greener home but also feel inspired too. In the simplest terms moving your home sustainably is about thinking outside the box and making more from less. Therefore, consider this as an exciting task or idea the next time you are moving house!