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Reasons to Get a Live Edge Dining Table

Certain trends in interior decoration are more temporary than others. There are some that come and go while others don’t even stay long enough to be one. Certain designs, such as the colonial furniture and architecture have become timeless at this time. Some are emblematic of a time gone yet remain popular and recognizable even though their names are now humorous.

One of the most popular designs which is gaining popularity is the growing trend of creating live edge furniture. This includes tables with live edges, such as living edge tables for dining. Although it’s too early to determine the future of this trend is, we can take advantage of the trend for as long as it lasts.

For those who read this and aren’t familiar with the current trend, here’s a short introduction to the trend before we dive into the defense for live edge table for your dining area.

What Is Live Edge?

If you are still unsure of what live edge furniture actually is it is possible that a photo could likely speak for itself in the same thing as a thousand words. Have you ever had a table look somewhat like the tree from which it was crafted?

Do you know the tables that are adorned with conspicuous flaws, lines that are uneven and uneven that look as if they’ve got bark on their edges? They may have bark on the outside edges, but most of the time it’s the uneven lines and the outline of the cross-sectional shape of trees.

The furniture made from these slabs is referred to by the name of live-edge furniture. Typically, wood is cut into posts, boards panels, slats as well as other, more identifiable geometric pieces which are later made into furniture. These forms, evidently, aren’t natural to the tree , but are manufactured.

Live Edge takes advantage of the natural beauty in the trees. A cross-sectional milling is made out of a tree and keeps the scratches, scars, blemishes and the natural lines on the wood. If not, these marks could be removed by the milling process, however when furniture is live-edge they are preserved in part.

If you’ve got an idea of what furniture with live edges is (though you may have identified it through images even if you didn’t know the name) here are some arguments of the current trend. These are just a few of the top reasons to introduce the live edge dining table into your living space!

Live edge tables are not the same. No two are alike; each single one is completely unique.

One thing you’ll notice immediately when you look at living edge tables is the fact that none are identical. It’s the nature of the matter. Because live edge tables preserve certain lines and natural patterns that are characteristic of living trees each is fingerprints. It’s distinct from the tree that created it.

It’s possible to argue on any piece of timber because each natural slab bears the marks of the marker. But, it’s much more tangible when you have live-edge wood than with milled planks. If you’re looking to include an element of furniture to your dining area that is a piece of furniture with unmistakable charm A live edge dining table is sure to impress.

Live edge tables should be constructed of solid pieces of wood

We place an enormous importance on the superiority of our furniture as well as the quality and integrity that we get from the timbers we select. We’re extremely proud that we utilize established construction techniques and make our own wood and do not waste any scraps.

It’s important to keep in mind that no matter if we’ve designed this live edge table or any other manufacturer has, it has to be constructed using a single piece of timber. If it’s genuine at the least, that is.

Although some furniture might be made of inferior materials such as laminated or particleboard wood Live edge tables that is a genuine one at least – has to be constructed out of a single solid cut piece of wood. There is nothing more durable or more stunning than wood, and when properly dried an edge table is unique.

The increase in popularity indicates that they’re able to work with a variety of design schools

Additionally, for some reason or another Live edge tables are risen in popularity in recent times. They aren’t as a brand new design, however it has gained modern appeal. The live edge look is gaining popularity over the last few years.

When a design style gets ever more popular due to its prevalence you’ll notice that it is a great fit with more diverse styles of design. This is the case with this. It’s easier to integrate the live edge table into the interior of your home than you’d think.

They are the focal point of the space and create an aesthetic statement

There’s something about tables with live edges that draws the attention of everyone who comes to the scene. Live edge furniture with its natural lines and distinctive style is extremely difficult to incorporate into a space without creating the central point.

It’s feasible to achieve this with the use of a small, minimalist end table but not with an eating table. When you set it in a space that is a focal point, it’s bound to function as the centerpiece!

They’re the perfect mix of traditional styles and modern

Surprisingly, this does not appear as though the live edge table is sporting the traditional look. It’s easy to understand that the argument can be made against. Because of their unsymmetrical line as well as natural imperfections, they’re apparent to be modern.

The word that is most important here is natural. This is the place and way they keep a hint of the old-fashioned. Live edge tables are an attempt to re-create designs that look so rustic they would be appropriate in the woods or in a camp. But they’re also extremely refined and elegantly completed.

A few other pieces, or kinds of furniture, can combine the modern and traditional seamlessly.

They’re well-aged

Another benefit of table tops with live edges is the fact that they possess the potential to be able to last for a long time.

If taken care of properly Live edge tables will age gracefully , and it might even begin to darken over time, giving the table a sense of elegance and class.

Pairing Live Edge Furniture

It’s a good thing you’re drawn to the irresistibly attractive look of furniture with live edges. It’s a wonderful match for an array of different designs. If you’re thinking of installing one in your home Here are some ideas on how to incorporate it into your decor and the best accessories to go with it.

Live edge works well with other live edge wood designs and natural wood designs.

Live edge furniture has certain aspects of unfinished wood and the overall tree, it blends very nicely with other furniture with rustic designs which includes living edge furniture. If you’re a lover of rustic or country designs Live edge tables can blend with these designs beautifully.

The pairings themselves don’t need to be live edge. They could be weathered wood or the designs with bark on of camp or cabin furniture.

Try something a bit more traditional

Another method to pair the live edge dining table is to combine it with other traditional however sophisticated styles. Live edge tables even though they are characterized by “rustication,” possess any look of luxury and can be paired with traditional, timeless designs, than using rustic furniture.

Consider putting together a set with furniture that is colonial or similar design and see how it works with your live edge design. The best thing is that it will look stunning.

Introduce a contemporary style onto the scene

You can also combine live edge tables and modern furniture pieces to create a variety of effects. There’s something special about designs with live edges that you would not think of matching with other furniture, but it does.

You could, for instance, mix industrial or minimalist furniture with tables with live edges and the enjoyable jarring feel of the juxtaposition will be more palatable than you imagine. Do it yourself, or look at some pictures online to get ideas of what we’re talking about.

At a loss? Have you considered a mid-century modern look?

If you’ve not been influenced by rustic décor or traditional designs or even minimalist style try giving the mid-century modern style a try. Its strangely iconoclastic melding various geometric patterns and unrelated elements achieve a harmony that’s not at all incongruous. It is also possible to find mid-century modern furniture has designs that are the ideal combination of live-edge furniture.