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Why servicing your car is important

A regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle means that you’re more likely to own an automobile that is efficient and smooth and minimizes the possibility that it will break down and resulting in unanticipated repair costs. You might think that you will reduce costs by not servicing your vehicle however, in reality, the vehicle service Oxford will uncover small issues with certain areas of your car that normal wear and tear requires only minor maintenance, but, if not addressed it can quickly turn into an expensive large repair, or even replacement.

There are two kinds of services you’ll need for your vehicle The one you require depends on the vehicle’s mileage, its age, and when your last service was performed.

Interim Service

A service for interims includes a variety of inspections, changes to parts and top-ups for fluids. The adjustments include changing the oil filter and engine oil and the torque of the wheel nuts are checked and adjusted as needed. We also examine and alter the pressure of the tyre and fill up the clutch fluid and power steering reservoir. We also check the brake fluid level, and windscreen washer , if required.

We’ll also carry out inspections on other components of the vehicle, such as the tread depth of the tyre and brake discs, as well as brake pads. If additional work is needed on these components, we’ll be in touch prior to performing any other work to ensure that you’re conscious of additional charges which are incurred while doing the work.

Full Service

The full service also includes extensive checks throughout the vehicle in comparison to the interim service. Apart from the tests as well as fluid top-ups, and fluid changes. They include the air filter, which is replaced according to the mileage and usage of the vehicle. Additional inspections and top-ups can include checking your antifreeze and coolant strength, the gearbox oil and clutch fluid as well as axle oil as well as. All top-ups and checks depend on the specifics of your vehicle and the manufacturer’s guidelines. We also examine the spark plugs in a Full Service, and replace them according to the manufacturer’s specifications and mileage should it be required.

If the inspections in a complete service reveal any other work or components needed We will always inform you prior to doing anything that will incur any additional charges to ensure that you know everything , and there are no unpleasant unexpected costs.

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