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The Ultimate Guide On How To Wear Wigs

Wigs are an issue in the present. In fact, a glance through Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed , and you’ll find at least three different wigs in different lengths, styles, and colors of the rainbow.

However, it’s not saying that they haven’t played an important part in the beauty regimens of many over the decades. They are used by people who undergo medical treatments such as chemotherapy, or for those suffering from hair loss issues such as alopecia, as being worn for significant religious and cultural motives.

Yet it appears that the wig is becoming more popular and are a great method to experiment with the hair’s colour and to alter your look without cutting off your locks and flipping them around which allows us to express our personality in a way that is easy and with a new flair.

It was time to get the hair experts to give the complete guide to wigs, starting from where to purchase one to the ethical guidelines for purchasing human hair to the best way to put the hair on your head, and the aftercare…

What is different between artificial hair and human hair?

Wigs are made of human hair or plastic fibres, most commonly polyester. Each material comes with advantages and disadvantages in terms of the cost, flexibility, and high-quality. Human hair costs much more than synthetic wigs however, your choices for styling are more appealing (you can apply the heat tool on human hair, something is not possible with synthetic hair because it could cause the hair to melt or singe). A lot of people believe the human-hair wigs appear more authentic, however others say that top quality synthetic wigs appear like real hair and there are numerous advancements in the production of synthetic materials giving a more natural look.

Another concern about human hair concerns whether it is ethically sourced since there are problems with women being victimized in the business, whether being forced by the industry to chop their hair or not receiving fair compensation for hair.

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How can I ensure that my wig is ethically source?

The wig – and hair extension industry is notoriously difficult for regulators to oversee, due to businesses using the excuse as hair that is “Religiously donated” during tonsure ceremonies in India women, who willingly offer their hair to temples to receive an offering of blessing. The temple is then able to sell the hair to make a massive profit. Although this hair comes from donations, that does not be the reason for the massive amount of human hair offered for sale in the west which is why it’s important to have to have a more careful eye when selecting the right wig.

What do I do to do it?

Hairdresser Adam Reed is no stranger to the world of wigs having worked with them onstage as well as on his clients for many years. In the days leading up to the unveiling of his customized kit for wigs (more details to come! ) In this post, he will share his tips on how to get your wig put on (and keep it on! ).

“You’ll require hair grips, gel spray and a cap” the expert advises. “The goal is to put the natural hair you have as tightly as you can so that the wig will rest flat against the top of your head.”

According Adam Adam, the most effective method is wrap the hair over your head and then use a variety of pins to keep the hair in place and remove any bumps “Using a gel spray can increase control and hold” Adam says.

Put the cap on top. (“It’s similar to an old stocking, but do not try to utilize an actual stocking! It’s far better to purchase an real cap for your wig. “) Before pulling the wig, first from the front on your head. “Hold the wig at the front, right along your hairline. Pull it back with firmness across your face.” Secure it with your fingers, and you’re all set. “I always swing the ends to give them a little more flexibility and texture” Adam says. Adam.

What happens aftercare?

The type of wig that you own You’ll have to take care of it according to. If you’re wearing hair that is human then you’ll have to clean it like you wash your ownhair, and very often, too. Human hair is more porous and it will absorb smells, oil and pollutants. In the case of synthetic hair, you’ll have to clean it, but not every 4 to 6 weeks. It’s best to use cold water, taking care not to rub or twist it too much, in order to not damage the fibers. It’s recommended to invest in the wig stand simply to allow it to dry thoroughly after washing, but also to keep its shape.