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Taking care of a new ant queen

There is a rule of thumb which tells us whether an ant queen has mating or not it is her wings. The majority of female queens lose their wings following mating, and are therefore believed to have been mated. There are some exceptions, where queens have wings throughout their entire lives however, it’s extremely rare.

What configuration does a live queen ant require?

If you’ve discovered one that is mated, perhaps after the nuptials or in a new house and would like to keep her, it may be a good idea plan a suitable place to live in for her. New queens require privacy, while established queens need the company of their workers. Queens who have recently mated are simple to look after. They just require to be kept dark and surrounded by water. This test tube works ideal to do this. The most straightforward method is to make a kind of reservoir for water in this tube. You can fill it up with 1/3 of water, then placing an unwrapped cotton ball into it. The queen can drink it up without drowning. It also provides the queen with moisture within her nest. After placing her inside the tube for testing, close it with a second ball of cotton, which will stop her from fleeing.

You’ve got it – an ideal place for the queen you’ve chosen to raise their first daughter. Queens generally don’t care about food and are therefore extremely easy to take care of. Just leave them alone in the darkness. The queen gets her nutrition by breaking down their wings muscles, which will never be utilized for another time. The queen is destined to spend her entire life in the depths of the earth’s surface.

If the queen is at home in her new place of residence, it is essential not to disturb her for more than she needs to. Ants don’t like the bright light and some species react to movement more strongly than others. If they are stressed too much, she might not be able to start egg laying and eat all her eggs laid, or even die. The concept is to mimic living in the earth. Thus, place the tube of test in a dark area. Check in with her every other week to ensure she’s in good health and her brood is growing.

When are the first Workers Born?

Each species has its individual timetables in the process of raising workers. For instance, Lasius queens of niger raise their young within 8-10 weeks, whereas Camponotus is a bit longer. The initial workers of the colony are weak, and are commonly called”nanitics. They are the earliest generation, and are given smaller bodies because of the lack of food in their early stages of development. The more food storage facilities are the more robust and healthy the ants will be healthier and larger.

After the queen has gathered her first workers, it could be a good idea join their tube with a kind of arena in which they could collect food. The test tube can be connected to the tube with tubes or by putting it inside the arena and take out the ball of cotton. Keep in mind that ants prefer to keep the dark environment in their nest. Use aluminum foil or another item you can find in your home to cover the tube.