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6 Advantages of Regular Afternoon Tea

A “afternoon tea” could be a reference to the realm of the Royals or a “Downton Abbey”-ish group but the reality is that it is a drink that can be enjoyed by all ages and with not a large estate in sight. It’s a good idea to replace your fancy mid-day drinks at the coffee shop (and their tons of empty calories) by drinking tea will not only guarantee that you’re still able to interact with your coffee-drinking friends however, it also lets you make the healthier choice of a beverage. Plus, it’s more enjoyable when it’s shared by a pot that is shared.

The most interesting aspect of enjoying tea in the afternoon is that both the tea and the gatherings that it is a part of can be beneficial for your health. We’ve all heard about the benefits of tea antioxidants that are healthy for you as well as its potential anti-inflammatory properties and the boost to your immune system it can give, and perhaps some benefits to fighting cancer. However, it’s been discovered that drinking tea in the afternoon, by itself, can be beneficial to your health as well.

There is nothing like the social aspect of afternoon tea.

In many countries it’s not uncommon to take a break during the afternoon, which is that period of time when people are at a point of exhaustion. It’s the “siesta” resting period that many nations follow is an excellent illustration. The best part about afternoon tea West Berkshire is that unlike a siesta, it doesn’t require an unresting circadian rhythm. Instead, it gives your exhausted brain with a needed break through the simple act of socializing and discussing things that aren’t related to the routine.

If you’re used to gathering your friends, colleagues, or even your social circle at the local pub for a glass of wine after work, afternoon tea can be more affordable for your pocket because it doesn’t require several cocktailsor mocktails – to cause a significant dent on your account. Additionally, alcohol-based drinks are not the best for your waistline. Plus, drinking our chamomile-infused tea isn’t going to make you feel like you’re dying at the start of the day.

If you decide to have formal events featuring fascinators and elegant tea sandwiches on a silver tray or a casual yoga pant with snacks from the grocery store — or something else It’s the act of gathering that is the most important thing. If you’re lacking ideas for afternoon tea The internet is an array of suggestions about what you’ll need for the perfect tea party. If you’re frightened by the thought of having arrange it all on your own, many cities have a variety of hotels and restaurants which offer tea services for afternoon which makes it more efficient.

Do not fret if you’ve never been a fan of the orange pekoe your grandmother used to drink. Tea drinkers tend to be more daring than you imagine, offering an infinite variety of teas and flavours. There’s bound to be something that appeals to even the most discerning palette.