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What Are Wax Melts?

The wax melts are relatively new to the fragrance for home scene, so if you’re not sure the difference between them, do not fret there’s a solution for you! Learn more about the best ways to use them and what they can do.

In simple terms they are known as wax tarts are a non-flammable alternative to candles. They typically come in bars that resemble to chocolate bars. They can be broken into cubes before being melt to release the scent within.

Wax Melts Vs Candles

So , what are the major differentiators between candles and scent-infused melts? The main distinction is in the way they appear and the way you utilize them. Candles are ignited for a period of about two to four hours then blow out. Wax melts , on the contrary side, must be melted gently using the warmer for melting wax or wax burner. They are available in two varieties that are electrical or tealight burners.

The primary benefit of making use of wax melts can be that it’s more secure to use. Electric burners don’t have open flame, and many tea light bulbs will burn out within four hours.

How to Make Use of Wax Melts

While they’re not as easy to make in the same way as candle candles are, when you’ve gotten the hang of using wax melts they’re actually quite simple.

Step 1: Choose the wax melt you want to use.

There’s a wide selection of melts available in various types of wax. The majority of wax melts utilize soy or paraffin but we only use coconut wax and rapeseed for an eco-friendly, luxurious appearance.

Step 2: Pour your melt of wax in your burner.

Based on the dimensions of your wax melts, typically you will only require one or two tarts or cubes of wax. For our melts made of wax, we recommend only using one cube.

Simply place the melt in the bowl of your burner.

Step 3: Switch on your stove.

In the case of an electronic warm you should find an option to switch it on. If you’re using the warmer for your tea you can simply ignite your tea light and place it into the hole beneath the dish. Be on the lookout for our range of eco-friendly tea lights on their way!

After you’ve put your wax burner running the wax melts slowly and release a lovely scent. A cube of our melts of wax will last up to 8 hours.

As we said earlier, the tea light will burn it out after 4 hours, which means you might have to replace it. Some warmers with electrics come with built-in timers, but should yours not you should consider purchasing a timer to ensure you do not forget to shut off the light.

If you opt to burn the wax melt for a few hours it is possible to let the wax set and return to the burning process at a later point.

Step 4: Dispose of the wax, and then clean your burner.

If you’ve burned your wax melt and are wondering “why is this not smelling any more?” You could be suffering from an issue with nose blindness or perhaps that it’s time to switch the melt of your wax.

So , how do you empty a burner of wax? First of all, make sure that the burner is not hot to the touch.

There are several ways to clean out your burner. Many people prefer to heat in the candle for short period of time until it’s a liquid form. Then, you can take it out with cotton balls, then discard.

Other people will switch on the stove for a few seconds till the candle has softened little, then scoop it up and put it into the bin.

You can also use re-usable popper liners. Put a liner into the dish for your stove, place the melt inside, and simply pop the wax that has hardened out once you’re done to avoid the mess.

After you’ve removed the wax, wash the dish with an old towel or a damp cloth. We don’t recommend using any cleaning products because they can emit harmful gas as the burner is the burner is burning.

So, congratulations! You’re now a professional in wax melting. So, go out and start melting!